10 foods to help lower your cholesterol

10 foods to help lower your cholesterol

by Pamela Ng 21 Feb 2020

For those who are serious (and not so serious) about their annual health check-ups, cholesterol levels are definitely something worth keeping one’s eye on. It’s not the disapproving sigh from your doctor you be worried about; your heart’s not going to be very grateful if your readings are constantly high! While exercising helps, proper nutrition also counts. Here are 10 foods that are great for helping to lower your cholesterol:


1. Pomegranate

Hailed as the “ruby of fruits”, the pomegranate lives up to its name in terms of taste and health benefits. It can help to slow down the build-up of cholesterol in your blood vessels and afford your body more time to clear them. Moreover, it is a rich source of antioxidants that can also help slow down aging.


2. Plum

A convenient food that requires only a rinse to prepare, plums are great as a snack for any time of the day. It contains antioxidants that assist in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Eating a plum a week can reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack by as much as 34%!


3. Whole grains

Whole grains are rich in fibre. As a result, ingesting said fibre allows it to bind to the cholesterol, allowing one to excrete it. That’s another reason for you to enjoy your carbs!


4. Oats

Whole oats in particular are a great source of fibre. It not only helps to lower cholesterol, but it can keep you satisfied for a long time and manage your weight as well. No more reaching for those snacks!


5. Coconut

You don’t always have to eat tropical fruits according to season! For lower cholesterol levels, coconut is a great and delicious choice that can and should be enjoyed every day. Simply sprinkle your salads and breakfast cereals with some shredded coconut flesh and you’ll get to enjoy both the taste and health benefits.


6. Cherries

Cherries are not only pretty foods to look at, they are also very healthy. It contains fibre which helps to flush cholesterol out of your body, and is also packed with antioxidants that provide a myriad of benefits such as anti-aging and reducing the risk of cancers. Excellent as a snack; you don’t have to feel guilty for munching on a handful of them!


7. Garlic

While your vampiric neighbour might not appreciate it, garlic is a great condiment and food to add to your dishes. It is high in chemical compounds that help to reduce cholesterol levels, as well as increase your overall health. If you think that the taste of garlic is a little too strong for your liking, you can try adding it to your stir-fry to blend in some additional flavours.


8. Blueberries

Don’t judge a diminutive book by its cover. Blueberries may look pretty, but they pack a punch when it comes to health benefits. They contain fibre that can help excrete cholesterol, as well as high levels of antioxidants that help eliminate free-radicals in your body. Small and convenient, blueberries serve as excellent snacks and toppings.


9. Broccoli

Considered by many to be a superfood, it certainly isn’t difficult to see why. It is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and many other nutrients such as omega-3 and antioxidants that can boost your overall health. Best of all, it helps to eliminate cholesterol, thus making a valuable contribution towards your heart’s health.


10. Walnuts

If you are a fan of crunchy munchies, walnuts are a great choice. They can be found conveniently pre-packed in food stores and supermarkets, making them easy to obtain. Furthermore, they are rich in minerals such as manganese and copper, and they are also packed with loads of antioxidants and other nutrients. As a result, they help to eradicate cholesterol and maintain the health of your circulatory system.


It is a joy to eat, but to eat with your health in mind will effectively double your dividends. These 10 delicious foods will help you to strike two things of your health list: reduce your cholesterol levels and boost your general wellbeing. Who says eating healthy has to be boring?