10 minutes to success every morning

10 minutes to success every morning

by Ashley Tan 27 Jan 2020

Have you ever been told that it’s the small things which you do on a daily basis that will eventually accumulate to form the bigger picture of success? It doesn’t take a lot of imagination – just like how drops of water fill a bucket in time, tiny habits can become stepping stones towards greater achievements!



In his latest book Tool of Titans, author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss offers tips and tricks to gaining success by emulating the tactics, routines and habits of the world’s most successful individuals, ranging from world-famous actors to Special Operations commanders to billionaire entrepreneurs.


In the book, Ferriss examines a 10-minute morning routine that life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins starts his day with. This routine helps Robbins achieve the objective of “cuing and prompting enabling emotions for the rest of the day”, which he also calls “priming”.


The routine is broken down into three parts:


  1. First 3 minutes: Focus on Gratitude

For 3 minutes, think about three things that you are grateful for - one of which has to be something small. For instance, Robbins thinks about the wind on his face, or the smile on his son’s face. The first part of this exercise is to show appreciation for the little things that make you happy in your daily life. According to Robbins, this process eradicates negative energy, because “when you’re grateful you can’t be angry, and when you’re grateful you can’t be fearful”.


  1. Next 3 minutes: Seek Strength and Spirituality

Next, Robbins recommends seeking strength by focusing on an inner presence that flows through oneself, which heals emotions, relationships and worries. While he does view this as a spiritual activity, this exercise does not necessarily have to be connected to a specific religion. Rather, it is about the process of finding your inner strength for healing purposes.


  1. Last 3 minutes: Visualise Success

Lastly, Robbins practices the saying of “three to thrive”. He thinks of three goals that he hopes to accomplish within the day, and visualises it in his mind “as though it's already been done”. By starting the day with a sense of accomplishment, even if it is merely envisioned, you’re likely to feel more charged with energy and motivated to fulfil your ambitions.


“If you win the morning, you win the day,” says Tim Ferris. Starting your mornings with this simple 10-minute exercise that helps you establish the right frame of mind which lasts well into the rest of the day, is the way to go. Master this quick morning routine, and you’ll definitely be on your way to leading a more content and successful life.