10 quick tips for longevity

10 quick tips for longevity

by Pamela Ng 22 Dec 2017

It’s not surprising why longevity is such a highly prized attribute. With all the wonders the world has to offer, who could bear to leave it? Here are 10 quick tips that you can follow to not only help you in sticking around for longer, but also help you in being better for it:


1. Exercise and work out

By adopting a regular habit of working out or even doing light exercises, you can manage your weight better and protect yourself against obesity. A lean body ultimately makes it easier for your heart to work in pumping blood and all those precious nutrients throughout it.


2. Keep your mood up

Being happy can make a difference in your life in more ways than one. By keeping positive, you lower the risk of developing mental disorders that can be detrimental to your physical state as well. For example, if you suffer from anorexia, your body will lack the nutrients to carry on normal body functions and it may even “consume” itself in the process.


3. Eat healthily

When your body has the right nutrients, working properly becomes the simple matter of doing what it was designed to. Ensure that your diet is rich in different types of nutrients and minerals. As much as possible, have colourful fruits and vegetables on your plate – these are the types of food that tend to be the most nutrient-dense.


4. Keep drinking

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. Water makes up at least 70% of our body. Dehydration will lead to poor health because it affects body functions and impairs the body’s ability to flush out toxins. Always keep a full water bottle with you and make sure you drink up from time to time.


5. Wear proper eyewear

Your eyes are constantly exposed to the elements, except when you are sleeping. In your waking hours, make sure you wear proper eyewear. Having tinted lenses for your spectacles or sunglasses can also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that would otherwise cause your eyes to age prematurely. Also, be vigilant about your eye hygiene if you are using contact lenses.


6. Take care of your hearing

As one ages, your sense of hearing tends to also decline. In order to take preventive measures before your hearing deteriorates, consider consulting an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist once in a while to ensure your ears are in optimal condition.


7. Be mindful of dental hygiene

As with almost every part of the body, the teeth and gums can also become weaker with age. Make sure that you go for a dental check-up at least every year before something serious happens to your teeth. Any discomfort in the nerves connected to your teeth is no laughing matter as excruciating pain can come on suddenly and without warning.


8. Try intense training

If your health allows it, engaging in more intense exercises such as sprints and heavy weight training can help to increase your mobility, balance and coordination – aspects that tend to decline with age. Doing so in your younger years can help set the tone for your longevity. Just make sure that you aren’t overdoing it, regardless of your age.


9. Take care of your skin

The skin can show tell-tale signs of your life – whether you have been partying the night before, whether you drink enough water or whether you wash your face every day. Thus, it is important to take care of your skin to ensure that it remains fresh and supple for as long as possible. It is not very flattering to be in your 40s but with skin befitting that of a sexagenarian . Washing and moisturising are the basics to good skincare, but you should also consult a dermatologist or a medical expert if you suffer from more serious skin conditions.


10. Keep your brain active

Aside from keeping up with your physical health, one should take care to ensure that the mind doesn’t end up being neglected. Try and do activities that stimulate your mind every day, such as taking the time to learn a new language or skill bit by bit, working on puzzles, or even simply engaging in stimulating conversation.


Longevity isn’t just about one’s lifespan, but also about health and the quality of life as one begins to age. By prolonging health in every aspect of your body, you’re ensuring that you remain fit to progress into your later years, instead of bumbling into it haphazardly!