10 things every fitness enthusiast should be able to do

10 things every fitness enthusiast should be able to do

by Pamela Ng 03 Feb 2020

Some people approach fitness as a hobby; others take it to the next level. They research just about every facet it and invest time in perfecting their chosen sport or any particular exercise. If you call yourself a fitness enthusiast, here are 10 things you should be able to do:


1. Create a great exercise routine

If you love fitness, you definitely would have looked into the art and science of programme design, and know how to make your own highly-efficient exercise routine. Better yet, you could even help someone else create their own workout!


2. Create a post-workout meal

Food is arguably more important than exercise when it comes to fitness. A true blue fitness enthusiast knows what types of food is best for your body during that crucial window of time that opens after training, and would be able to turn them into a meal that is healthy and full of nutrients.


3. Working out with people

Many exercises and sports are team-based. Knowing how to cooperate and work with people as a team increases the chance of winning a competition. Exercising also becomes more enjoyable when it’s in the company of people you can really click with.


4. Narrow down at least 5 songs for working out

Many of us tend to listen to music and songs for motivation during a workout. As someone who exercises a lot, you should already have at least 5 songs in your music playlist that serves as your starting lineup when it comes to getting you pumped for your workout routine.


5. Be able to do 20 burpees at one go

A mark of a real fitness enthusiast is of course, how fit you actually are. If you can knock out 20 burpees at a moment’s notice, your fitness level is on point. They should be PROPER burpees as well; chest to the ground and a full jump.


6. Know great protein shakes recipes

Protein is important, especially for someone who takes working out seriously. There are a variety of delicious of protein shakes recipes floating around, and a person who exercises a lot should be familiar with at least some of them in the event that they need to shore up on their protein intake.


7. Know how to start and end a workout

Warming up and cooling down are essential in a workout when it comes to injury prevention and maximising recovery. For those who exercise often, knowing how to start and end a workout comes naturally as you wouldn’t want to risk pulling or straining your muscles.


8. Cook a good breakfast

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. By knowing which food provide the right kinds of nutrient, you can start your morning on the right note and have enough energy to face the day ahead.


9. Enjoy walking

Walking encompasses active recovery and movement; things that a fitness enthusiast should enjoy. It also helps to slow down the usual fast-moving pace of daily life and allow us to take time to appreciate everything around us.


10. Love life

Most importantly, a fitness enthusiast enjoys life. Being well-balanced is essential to developing the body and mind, and helps one to enjoy the little yet important things in life.


Eating well and exercising properly help to create a balanced, healthy and enjoyable life. Anyone who has invested time and effort in fitness knows this to be true and have experienced it first-hand. Missing out on any one of the top 10? You know what to do!