10 ways to make long-haul flights bearable

10 ways to make long-haul flights bearable

by Pamela Ng 09 Nov 2017

Getting on a plane can be something of an adventure, especially if you’re headed for a far-off destination. The things is, everything sounds fun until you board and realise how flights can test your patience and well-being, especially long-haul journeys. Here are 10 ways to make long-haul flights bearable so that you can start your trip on the right foot:


1. Upgrade for more leg room

Even though there comes an extra cost with upgrading your seat, it is worth it for the long-haul. Some add-ons to the additional charges include extra leg space and snacks. When it comes to a 10-hour non-stop flight, you can’t put a price on comfort.


2. Bring along your gadgets

Long-haul flights can be boring, especially when you are travelling on budget airlines where there is limited entertainment. To help yourself enjoy the flight more and be more productive, bring along your portable game console, tablet or even or your laptop. For the more analogue-minded, a good book will work just as well!


3. Check in your baggage

Some people may wish to save money on baggage check-in, but this may not be the best idea. Carry-on baggage can very well end up compromising leg space, especially when overhead compartment space is in high demand. As long as there’s nothing ultra-fragile packed, you shouldn’t have to worry about the contents of your check-in.


4. Pack a light travelling bag

How good would it be to bring all our creature comforts on board the plane to help us survive the flight? Since we’re constrained by practicality, what we can do is pack a light bag of travel essentials such as eye masks and earplugs. Be prudent in your selection as lugging a heavy carry-on around can be quite a hassle.


5. Sleep well before the flight

Just because it is a long-haul flight, doesn’t mean you will get a good shut-eye. Unless you are in business or first class, you may not sleep well at all. To help you survive the journey, make sure you slept and rested well before you board the plane. At most, you can catch a short nap during the flight after the meal service.


6. Find a relaxant

Some people don’t do well with planes and flying. Anxiety attacks and air sickness may come up occasionally, making their experience with long-haul flights an unpleasant one. Consider getting prescription drugs or supplements that can help you relax and sleep on the plane, and the journey may not seem too unbearable. You may also wish to play relaxing songs during the flight, especially Weightless by Marconi Union. The music has been scientifically proven to have great calming and relaxing effects on a person.


7. Keep your face clean and your skin moisturised

Being tens of thousands of feet above sea level, the air circulating in the plane will be dry. This can cause your skin to dry out. Invest in a good moisturiser or a serum (or both) to keep your skin smooth and plump, and avoid wearing any excessive makeup.


8. Drink up

Just as you need to keep your skin moisturised, you need to keep your body hydrated as well. Instead of ordering soft drinks, juices or alcoholic beverages stick to plain water for a solution that’s both sugar-free and alcohol-free.


9. Get up for better blood circulation

The plane cabins are pressurised which means that there is less oxygen for the people on board. Over extended periods of time, the lack of oxygen can lead to fatigue, headaches and swollen limbs. While you can’t change the amount of oxygen, you can increase your blood circulation by getting up once in a while to go to the washroom, or you can simply walk up and down the aisle. The better the circulation, the more efficiently the oxygen can flow throughout your body.


10. Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth can encourage you to walk to the toilet to improve your blood circulation, but it does more than that. In general, the body is conditioned to associate brushing teeth with sleep. Thus, after brushing your teeth, it is more likely that you will be able to rest better and sleep, and we know how important that is in a long-haul flight.


Unruly passengers and temperamental children can certainly exacerbate the conditions of a long-haul flight. With these tips however, you can choose to block out noise, rest better and have a better overall experience on your trip to the skies!