3 nut milk recipes that beat store-bought anytime

3 nut milk recipes that beat store-bought anytime

by Muhaimin X 22 Jan 2020

There's just something about making your own food at home that makes you feel like singing songs of victory over overpriced items in the health food aisle of the supermarket. While it is far more convenient to simply purchase a carton of nut milk, why not make your own? 


1. Easy homemade almond milk

This almond milk recipe is without a doubt the easiest recipe you’ll find to date. All it requires are two staple ingredients – almonds and water – followed by a three-step process: soak the almonds overnight, blend it with water, and then strain it through a nut-milk cloth. Most store-bought brands of almond milk tend to come with additives like carrageenan and sugar, so making your own is a sure-fire way to skip the bad stuff!


2. Homemade cardamom vanilla cashew milk

Almond’s fancy cousin, the cashew nut receives its own milk treatment too! While it does require more ingredients than its almond counterpart, the only piece of equipment this six-ingredient cashew milk requires is a blender. All you need is vanilla extract, maple syrup and spiced with ground cardamom. Be sure to shake before serving, and feel free experiment with different spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg to see how you can vary the flavour profile.


3. Pecan Milk

While the pecan nuts can be pricey, they do make for one of the most decadent nut milks out of the whole lot. Save this recipe for the special occasions or when your sweet tooth is acting up. Pair it with iced coffee for a luxurious experience that’s worth going nuts (pun intended) over. All you need to remember in terms of steps are “soak”, “blend”, “sweeten” and “serve”.


While non-dairy milk alternatives such as nut milk can offer some great variety, they should not be considered as a direct substitute as far as nutritional profiles are concerned. For those following a plant-based diet, be aware that most nut milks are naturally devoid of calcium, so be sure to shore up on it elsewhere.