3 pro-tips for nervous gym-goers

3 pro-tips for nervous gym-goers

by Natalie L 21 Feb 2020

Do you find yourself sweating at the thought of even going to the gym? Do you find yourself being intimidated by the act of exercising beside other gym users or feel that other gym-users are constantly watching you? Social anxiety is a fairly common issue today, and it can affect your performance when it comes to training. If you identify with this, here are 3 pro-tips to help you get over your anxiety and to maximise your potential at the gym. 


1. Keep your eyes and mind on yourself, not others

Always keep your goal for training clear in your mind and remind yourself of this goal; bear in mind that you are training for yourself and not anyone else. With this established, know that no one else’s opinion about your performance matters and refrain from comparing your performance to that of others. Try to keep your eyes and mind fixed on yourself and aim to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. 


2. Re-affirm yourself

If you set out to achieve a goal, you need to first have confidence in yourself and believe that you are able to reach it. Indeed, with confidence and the right attitude, the setbacks won't affect you as much! The next time you hit the gym, remember to flush out those negative thoughts which restrict you from pushing your limits, and challenge yourself to better than the person you were before.


3. Practice mindfulness  

Practicing mindfulness is simple but often overlooked. Try taking deep breaths and focusing on each breath to regain your composure and to calm yourself down in stressful situations. Each time you feel a rush of anxiety, try to relax your body and loosen up the tension with at least 10 deep breaths. This will help you to relax, feel refreshed and be prepared to re-focus on your training.


Training while others are watching can be highly stressful and nerve-wrecking. Indeed, such social anxiety isn't simple to manage and can worsen if you leave it unaddressed. The next time you feel unsure about yourself before even entering the gym, give these 3 tips a tryto get yourself back on track!