3 roads to female empowerment

3 roads to female empowerment

by Vanessa Ng 09 Mar 2018

The voices of women are louder than they have ever been before. With the help of social media, movements like #MeToo have taken the world by storm and have helped usher in a new age of discussion involving women’s rights. Yet, there is so much more to empowerment than just taking part in a solidarity march or re-tweeting a powerful message.


1. Narrate a revised message

Your brain is a very powerful thing. You can rewire and change the way you feel and act by thinking differently. Form a new habit by getting yourself a new mantra. This should not be something new for people who practice Kundalini yoga. The words “eka mai” for instance, is meant to deconstruct pillars of patriarchal conditioning in us. It also looks at how we compete with one another, which is an extension of the scarcity mindset. Looking at yourself in the mirror at the same time every day, and telling yourself a simple, yet powerful message, can set the tone for your day. It can be as simple as “do a kind deed today” or “inspire someone else”. Adopting this routine can change the way you behave and prioritise.


2. Have an open mind

Being exposed to a myriad of perspectives can only make you a more knowledgeable and wise person. Beyond discussing liberally about diverse opinions, traveling to different places can also be helpful. You need not travel long distances to other parts of the world if you lack the time or finances to. Even exploring the nooks and crannies within your neighbourhood can be enlightening and refreshing. Discovering something new, especially by yourself with little help from the Internet, can be very empowering. It allows you to be in charge and independent.


In your day-to-day life, you can keep an open mind by trying new things. You know that acquaintance of yours whom you have disagreements with? Make a genuine effort to suspend your hang-ups and try to see things from their perspective. Throw away your judgment for a moment and see what others have to say. You don’t have to like what you hear, but you can be open enough to accept it as someone else’s opinion/belief.


3. Be aware of yourself

Be aware of your thoughts and actions. In particular, be aware of how you are abusing yourself, even in the most subtle way. Self-destruction can stem from self-hate, a lack of self-appreciation and more. Have you been blaming yourself for things that you are wholly unable to control? Have you been feeling down and detesting your body because you put on a few kilograms over the holidays? You should always take time to take good care of yourself both physically and mentally. While often erroneously synonymous with selfishness and over-indulgence, self-care is a necessity that everyone is entitled to. The better you’re able to care for yourself, the more you’ll be able to care for what’s around you.


Women’s rights have come a long way since the suffragette movement of the late 19th century. While progress has been slow, it remains an ardent sign of better things yet to come. Whether at the workplace or at home, female empowerment has grown beyond mere politicking and will most definitely define the history of our time.