3 simple meals for healthy eating

3 simple meals for healthy eating

by Vanessa Ng 03 Jan 2020

Making a commitment to start afresh and rid oneself of bad habits is journey that we all should take. Eating healthy shouldn’t be reserved solely for new year resolutions – make it a daily practice! It doesn’t have to be grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli for every meal either; check out some of our simple recipes below:


1. Avocado honey toast

This is probably one of the easiest breakfast foods (or snack) to make – no cooking required! All you have to do is to cut up a ripe avocado, place it between a piece of wholegrain bread, and drizzle some honey on top. You can even choose to pop your bread in the toaster for an added crunch. If you are feeling fancy, you can even sprinkle chia seeds and your choice of crushed nuts (my favourite is macadamia) on top for added texture and flavour! Making this by yourself is definitely a lot cheaper than ordering one at a nearby café.


2. Lemon salmon

Frying or using the pan in general may be intimidating for first-time cooks, so starting with the oven is often a good way to start off. Begin by seasoning the salmon to taste. I would recommend to stick to salt, pepper and a little drizzle of lemon and olive oil to keep it healthy. You can add a few herbs if you like. Place the salmon skin-side down and bake it at 200°C for 12 to 15 minutes. Start with a shorter bake time if you’re unsure. If it is undercooked, pop it back in the oven.


3. Overnight oats with chia seeds

Get a jar and put in chia seeds, oats, and milk (full cream or skim) overnight. Typically, mixing equal parts of raw rolled oats with milk is sufficient. However, you can adjust the proportion according to how dry you like your oats to be. Greek yoghurt can also be added to make your oats richer and creamier. Adding fruits and crushed nuts are also options that you can consider. The simplicity of overnight oats is almost criminal: simply throw the ingredients together the night before and let it work its magic while you sleep.


Getting on a healthy diet doesn’t mean you have to come up with grandiose ways of reinventing your meals. Sometimes, starting small can be more sustainable. Cutting out unnecessary snacks, reducing alcohol intake and minimising sugar consumption are all steps that you can take towards leading a healthier lifestyle. Try any one of these recipes and you’ll find that you won’t have to worry about sacrificing flavour in the least bit!