3 superfood recipes to “bowl” you over

3 superfood recipes to “bowl” you over

by Muhaimin X 17 Jan 2020

The allure of seeing good, healthy food in a bowl is so alluring. Is it the simplicity of being able to scoop up all the tasty ingredients at one go or the amazing food presentation you can do while following the shape of a circle? Regardless, here are some healthy and simple bowl recipes that you can try to maximise your office lunch-time fun or impress your colleagues!


1. Cumin roasted chickpea chicken bowls

Chicken is a staple in almost every healthy diet. This recipe is simple to assemble; most of the work goes into making the marinade! All you have to do is combine the chicken, chickpeas, shallots, and spices in a baking dish. This simple 30-minute meal is sure to become one of your favourites when it comes to quick-but-delish meals!


2. Mongolian beef broccoli “rice” bowls

The Mongolian Beef Broccoli rice is a simple but enlightening dish that’s deliciously paleo-friendly.  The recipe is loaded with beef, so you’re bound to get your protein fix of the day! On top of the meaty composition, the Mongolian sauce (made with garlic, ginger, coconut sugar, and soy sauce) makes for a more exciting meal for the palate than just the standard seasoning of salt and pepper. For the “rice” base, simply mince your cooked broccoli heads in a food processor and you’ll be good to go.


3. Stuffed bell pepper bowls

This recipe is bound to turn into a family favourite, thanks to its vibrant looks that just scream “FUN”. It includes colourful veggies to satisfy your leafy cravings (no shortage of your radiant reds and forest greens) and it's made with lean beef, quinoa, spinach, and tomatoes for that melt-in-your-mouth sensation. You can even create a plant-based variation by substituting the animal meat for either ground tempeh or cooked beans!


Food bowls don’t have the domain of overpriced food truck vendors, at least not if you have anything to say about it! These recipes pack a punch both in terms of flavour and nutrition, so your body gets the nutrients it needs while your taste buds get the pampering they deserve. And they’re easy to make – win-win!