3 things stopping you from achieving your fitness goals

3 things stopping you from achieving your fitness goals

by Ashley Tan 14 Feb 2020

Have you ever tried setting a fitness goal, only to find yourself giving up halfway or even failing, despite trying really hard? Well, if you haven’t been achieving the results that you’ve been yearning for, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your actions and pinpoint where you’ve gone wrong. Here are three things that may be hindering your chances of achieving your fitness goals: 


1. You don’t have a schedule/plan

While you may have an objective or goal in mind, you need to have a a plan in mind to ensure success. The goal of “getting toned arms” is the first step to getting in shape, but writing down specific steps such as “getting toned arms by following this set of exercises three times a week” will increase your chances of achieving success. Of course, consistently sticking to your plan instead of giving up at the halfway mark is of paramount importance as well.


2. You can’t break unhealthy habits

All of us have bad habits that seem to stick to us like gum on a shoe, no matter how hard we try to shake them off. For instance, poor eating or sleeping habits can take a toll on us both mentally and physically, affecting our ability to meet our goals. In order to prevent unhealthy habits from having control over our lives, we first need to identify them. Being aware of your bad habits is key, and prioritising what is important to you comes next. If you are determined to achieve your fitness goals, then you must be disciplined enough to control your urges to indulge in a wholly unnecessary fast food meal for instance, and kill the bad habit entirely.


3. You don’t have someone to keep you accountable

While we may think that we’re able to be self-motivated and resolved all by ourselves, it can be difficult for some of us to stick to our plans when we are not held accountable to anyone else. Having another person to hold you to your schedule and lifestyle habits can help you immensely. Finding someone who has the same fitness goals as you and whom you can relate to (i.e. a workout buddy) is an added bonus! Both of you can motivate each other with a healthy dose of competition, and curb workout boredom during fitness sessions – a definite win-win situation!


Reflecting on your performance is essential for self-improvement. Sometimes, all it takes is a slight adjustment of your attitude or behaviour in order for you to achieve the aims that you have set out for yourself. Setting a goal is one thing, but having the determination to see it through is another. 



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