3 ways to make school lunches exciting again

3 ways to make school lunches exciting again

by Vanessa Ng 09 Nov 2018

Making the perfect home-made school lunch for your kids seems like a wildly impossible task. However, there are three simple things that you can do to spice things up in their lunch boxes. Since children crave novelty, all you have to do is to make their food stand out in fun and creative ways!


1. Put the dish on a stick

Making the consumption process fun is one great way to draw a kid in. In this case, it can be as simple as a tiny wooden skewer. Adding vegetables to stewed chicken can be off putting for a kid. However, adding bright and colourful vegetables on a chicken skewer can become fun instantaneously. It will be even better if you get your child to make the skewer together with you. Talk about a bonding opportunity!


For a treat of the sweeter variety, try making a mouth-watering dessert by having a variety of nutritious berries on a skewer, dipped in a little bit of dark chocolate fondue. 


2. Waffle the food

Tossing anything into the waffle maker can make the food immediately more scrumptious. Have a plain peanut butter sandwich? Toss it into the waffle maker for gooey peanut butter with crispy bread crusts. Make a healthy egg and tomato waffle and drizzle a little bit of organic honey to finish it off.


Come up with fancy (or funny) names for your new creation to make the experience even more memorable!


3. Deconstruct a brand new meal

Deconstructed dishes are not an uncommon sight on cooking shows. Create your very own episode with your little one by getting them to deconstruct something that they'd usually avoid – a salad!


The trick is to give your child an option to play. Have the fruits and vegetables sliced and separated to let your kid know what and how much exactly goes into their meal. Give them the opportunity to learn all these before mixing them all up into their own salad bowl.


Also, don’t forget about the dressing! Try hummus, pesto, extra-virgin olive oil or a dash of salt and pepper as opposed to the usual (and unhealthy) Caesar salad dressing. 


The above are just three creative ways to turn healthy eating into an enjoyable experience for kids. Being able to link this to the importance of good nutrition is an added bonus, so that they become more aware and educated about what food does for their body. If it's good for the body, it deserves to be enjoyed by the tongue!