4 alternatives to power naps

4 alternatives to power naps

by Teo Kai Wen 26 Feb 2020

As much as taking a quick catnap to stave off fatigue sounds like a great idea, it’s not always possible, whether because of location or time constraints. Rather than having to shuffle through the post-lunch hour period in a daze, try these 4 alternatives to power naps to regroup and rejuvenate! 


1. Get up and move around

Just taking just a short walk will contribute towards a slight increase in your heart rate, circulating blood and oxygen through your muscles and brain, which helps you in feeling more energised and productive.


2. Give your eyes (and body) a break

Spending the entire day glued to your monitor screen is a sure-fire way to experience premature fatigue. Take a break by looking out a window (preferably at some greenery), or by having a healthy snack.


3. Switch tasks periodically

Monotony has a way of making minutes seem like hours, and switching tasks to stimulate your brain is the best way to remedy it. If you know you’re in for a long day, try working out beforehand – exercise has been shown to reduce fatigue.


4. Try meditation

If you find yourself unable to fall asleep when trying to nap, meditation is a good alternative that allows you to clear your mind. Find a quiet location and play some calming music if you’d like, but remember to set a timer for yourself!


Whichever you decide to try out, these alternatives to power naps can do much to alleviate or reduce the stress you find typical of your usual workday.