4 things you can do to rescue a bad day

4 things you can do to rescue a bad day

by Vanessa Ng 05 Jan 2020

Some days are just plain bad. You miss your bus, forget about your wallet, ruin your favourite shirt and trip over a crack in the sidewalk. Even your hair has taken on a life of its own! For those dark days when nothing seems to go according to plan, here are four things that you can do to turn it around.


1.     Don’t play the blame game

Although this may sound counter-intuitive, choosing not to blame someone else for your misfortunes can make the day seem better. Focus on solving the issue instead of dwelling and trying to justify the mistake. Changing your perspective can restore the tone for the rest of your day. It can also help redirect your energy towards getting things done such that the stress and annoyance will cease to linger.


2.     Take a step back

Is your bad day caused by you worrying unnecessarily? Well, you’re far from alone with that! If your worries stem from things that are unlikely to go wrong, try to adopt a rational perspective. Alternatively, talk to someone else about it to gain a fresh view on things. More often than not, you will realise that your worries are redundant and silly.


3.     Know what is within your control

Know what you can control and what you cannot. The weather, for instance, is beyond your control. However, how you dress to stay warm or otherwise, or where you would like to go, can be controlled. Being well-prepared can also help to alleviate your worries. Make a checklist, plan contingencies, prepare in advance –these are all things that we can do to be well-prepared and in control in case of emergencies.


4.     Relax your mind

An over-imaginative and over-active mind can trigger a bad day even before it starts. In such instances, remember to breathe and “let go”. Meditate, stretch or light a scented candle to help calm your nerves and take a break from the if’s and might’s of the world. Be aware of your body – are you subconsciously frowning or tensing up in your shoulders? Mind-body activities like yoga and tai chi can help you gain more conscious control over your body in order to facilitate relaxation.


Bad days only remain as such when you choose to do nothing about it. You can’t avoid them either – they’re part and parcel of life! Instead of letting it run roughshod over you, why not take a proactive stance and be that silver lining you’re always waiting for? I guarantee it’ll be well-worth the effort!