4 tricks to keeping your fat loss on track

4 tricks to keeping your fat loss on track

by Pamela Ng 26 Jan 2020

Dieting and fat-loss are part and parcel of the journey towards better health and fitness. However, it is not always an easy or smooth one. With so many temptations and distractions, it is easy to get side-tracked when it comes to fighting the flab. Here are some things that affect your goal to achieve a desirable body-fat percentage and how you can navigate around them:


1. Eating with other people

Having a meal with people, whether family, close friends or merely acquaintances, is an effective way to connect and socialise. But it is also during these times that it becomes difficult to resist the sumptuous spread in front of you.


Practising self-control during meals is great, but even the best of us know that there’s always the possibility of caving in. Share your weight management goals with your family and friends and they’re likely to be understanding enough to eat at a healthier establishment or at the very least, understand why you can’t have that slice of birthday cake.


2. Work

Work is usually one of our biggest excuses to break our diet or exercise regimen. For example, we might skip a meal due to a certain project in the office that demands our attention. The lack of time would also seem to give us more reason to skip our workouts.


While work is important, it is also crucial to be self-aware of how it affects our health. You shouldn’t be doing a snip-snap job at handling your nutrition. Instead, know that eating healthy would be even more beneficial for your work as it gives you the proper energy to tackle various situations. Additionally, find a sport that you truly enjoy so that the idea of exercising excites you instead of boring you like a chore.


3. Food cravings

Everyone has food cravings once in a while; some unhealthier and more frequent than others. The key here is not to restrict yourself from eating but to ask yourself whether there are better alternatives. Often, cravings are a result of our brains telling our bodies to eat even when we are not really hungry. Try drinking water or eating nuts and fruits to curb your hunger. When it is time to eat, your body will tell you properly.


4. Lifestyle

Unhealthy eating habits are difficult to change, and so are our tendencies to avoid exercising. If you go to buffets as a weekly affair with your friends, perhaps it’s time to stop.


Changing your lifestyle can improve your fat-loss journey dramatically. It can help you feel that there are healthier and better alternatives that are not as bad as you once thought they were. For example, eating at home and creating a balanced meal can be simple and you don’t have to be a great chef to do it. Hanging out with friends need not be about hitting the clubs a few times a week till the wee hours of the morning, but it could be as simple as going to someone’s place to watch a movie, playing board games, or simply chatting and catching up with one another.


Keeping your fat-loss on track may be difficult, but it’s certainly isn’t impossible. By implementing small and effective changes, the collective results can be astounding. Communicating with people in your life can help make the journey easier and more enjoyable as well. After all, even the smallest of things add up over time.