5 benefits of waking up early

5 benefits of waking up early

by Evigan Xiao 11 Feb 2020

Being an early bird is easier said than done, especially if the night before was a particularly exhausting one. Plus, there are days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed. Nevertheless, the habit of getting up early is still one that is shared by many of the world’s most successful leaders, and here’s why:


1. You have more time to play with

The earlier you’re up, the more time you have on hand to get things done. No one likes having to rush through their chores; would you rather have 10 hours to get things done or six? Having more time also allows you to put more thought into your actions. The more you rush, the more likely you are to make mistakes.


2. You get to have breakfast

Your mother was right when she said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Despite the appeal of “brunch”, breaking an eight hour-long fast should be the first priority of anyone who’s looking to make the most of their day. Cortisol levels are at their highest upon waking, and making a habit of waiting too long before deciding to get some food can become costly in terms of maintaining optimal health.


3. You have greater mental clarity

If you have a habit of sleeping in, chances are that you’re well-acquainted with the feeling of “fogginess” that comes with waking up in the late afternoon. Yes, sleeping too much can be just as nasty as too little. Everyone has a natural circadian rhythm that is intrinsically tied to the time of day they’re meant to adhere to. Disobeying it can cause your mind to feel like a cloud just settled on it.


4. You have a greater sense of purpose

Be truthful: do you really feel at all productive when you realise that you only have four hours of daylight left to anything useful? Unless you’re doing shift work, getting up in the morning represents the symbolic act of greeting the start of a new day and the opportunities that come with it. Sleep in, and you might as well turn your back on it all. Dramatism aside, there’s a reason why people stick to that old saying about early birds and worms.


5. You sleep when you’re supposed to

The whole notion of rest and work operates on a cycle. When you work, you eventually become tired enough to necessitate rest. A good night’s sleep replenishes your energy levels so that you’re able to proceed with work the following day. So what do you think happens when you throw a kink in one of these mechanisms? You end up sleeping later, which causes you to wake up later. This whole cycle perpetuates itself to no end, unless some form of intervention is involved which to the chagrin of most, is almost always uncomfortable.


Some people might argue that being night owls, they find themselves being more productive in the twilight hours. That’s all fine, but that doesn’t mean you should forego getting up in the morning. Being a night owl might be the result of old habits, so maybe it’s time to replace it with a set of better ones.