5 fitness tips to ignore

5 fitness tips to ignore

by Pamela Ng 15 Feb 2020

When you’re new to fitness, you tend to inhale every single bit of information that you come across. After all, you need all the advice you can get! Reading a lot can help a bunch, but if you believe everything you ever come across without scrutiny, you may end up taking in some half-truths as well. Here are 5 myths in the world of fitness that need to fade out:


1. Myth 1: Weight-lifting makes you look big

Done properly, lifting weights is a safe and efficient way to build strength and athleticism while improving body composition and overall health. The idea of turning into a muscle-bound behemoth overnight is one of comical proportions. Instead, you can expect a better functioning body that looks as good as it feels!


2. Myth 2: Your success in fitness is based on the scale

If you start to exercise for the goal of losing weight, you’re probably basing your success on the number reflected in your weighing scale. After all, losing weight is part and parcel of being fitter, right? Wrong. When it comes to burning fat and building muscle, the latter weighs more per unit of volume. So even if you weigh more than what you did starting out, your body will look leaner and more defined provided you’ve lost a fair amount of body fat while putting on lean mass.


3. Myth 3: More pain means better results

Completing a tough workout tends to guarantee a fair amount of soreness the following day. But that’s good, right? While soreness does come as a result on pushing your body past it’s normal limit, it isn’t a good indicator of progress in the long run. Constantly chasing DOMS will only leave your body in a state of disrepair and can even play havoc on your hormone levels. Once discomfort turns into pain, it’s a sure sign that you need to dial things back.


4. Myth 4: You will only lose weight if you exercise

Contrary to popular belief, nutrition plays a larger role in determining your health and body composition. In fact, it accounts for as much as 80% of the changes you’d expect to see. By switching to a healthier and more wholesome diet while de-emphasising processed food, your health will change drastically for the better. That being said, it is still important to exercise. Just don’t expect to be able to out-train a bad diet!


5. Myth 5: A gym membership is necessary

You may think that having a gym membership would encourage you to exercise. However, the truth is that it won’t motivate you any more than you currently are. If anything, it may cause you to procrastinate. Sure, you may exercise the first week you get your gym membership, but that’s due to the sense of novelty than anything else. Unless you’re disciplined about it, you’ll start to slack and avoid the gym despite the amount you’ve sunk into it. If you are certain that a gym membership is for you, then by all means go for it! However, know that with the right motivation, you can exercise anywhere, from the parks and gardens, to even the comfort of your own home. 


Taking advice with a pinch of salt is good way to stay open to new ideas without being too gullible. Some of the myths you come across may in fact have their roots in solid facts, so it always helps to do a little extra digging before deciding on them. When in doubt, check out The Daily Escape!