5 protein bar recipes for earth-friendly gains

5 protein bar recipes for earth-friendly gains

by Muhaimin X 12 Jun 2018

Protein bars can be expensive and at most times, it’s hard to find good ones that are vegan-friendly! Then again, why waste time trawling the stores when you can whip up some perfectly good ones yourself? Here are some protein bar recipes that you can try at home for some plant-based gains:


1. Cookie dough protein bars

Cookies receive universal love regardless of your dietary restrictions. Cookie dough protein bars are a godsend, especially when you have a natural sweet tooth. The recipe is simple and doesn't require many ingredients to execute. The base is made with three main ingredients—cashews, hemp seeds, and flaxseeds—plus maple syrup and vanilla extract for flavour. You can add mini chocolate chips for that added texture that’s simply decadent.


2. Cranberry almond protein bars

Cranberries don't get a lot of attention as compared to their dried counterparts, but they do give that perfect amount of tangy! Pair it with almonds to make a great combo in trail mix and oatmeal protein bar. These protein-packed bars also use puffed rice cereal, which makes us feel like we're biting into a way healthier version of your typical store-bought krispies treat.


3. Nuts and Seeds Breakfast Bars

Nuts and seeds breakfast bars tick all the boxes for a paleo vegan meal. These super-clean bars pack a hefty 10 grams of protein per bar thanks to the amalgamation of nuts and seeds, plus cashew butter which binds it all together. Feel free to swap the cashew butter out for almond butter if you fancy a recipe rotation.


4. Chocolate Almond Butter Bars

Chocolate almond bars are simply a recipe made in heaven. They taste almost similar to those sugar-laden chocolate nut bars that people love, but much healthier! The addition of oats and almond butter elevates the recipe to a whole other level. To add to these bars' list of praises, they can be ready in as little as 30 minutes and can be prepped in one bowl. That means clean-up won't take you all day – you're welcome!


5. Vanilla Brownie Protein Bars

Vanilla brownie protein bars can be deceiving. They may LOOK like chocolate bars, and you’d never think that they were vegan. But it turns out that they’re practically indistinguishable from their “authentic” counterparts! The combination of vanilla protein powder and cocoa powder allows your taste buds to get the best of both worlds, while keeping things dairy-free and sustainable.


Protein bars are always handy to have, whether you’re constantly on the go or need a quick pick-me-up before a hard training session at the gym. They also make for the perfect sweet treat – low in sugar but extremely satiating! Make and store them in batches and you’ll never find yourself wanting again!