5 reasons why a small wedding might work better for you

5 reasons why a small wedding might work better for you

by Teo Kai Wen 25 Feb 2020

The idea of a grand, over-the-top wedding may seem tempting to many couples, but big events often come with the added stress (not to mention the expenses associated) as a result of the increased demand on resources and planning required. Not sure if it’s your cup of tea? Maybe these 5 reasons might have you consider keeping your day of days a more intimate affair.


1. Planning becomes way easier

Planning an event the scale of most modern weddings is essentially a full-time job, which can be hard to manage if you and your spouse work full-time jobs yourselves and don’t want to splurge on hiring a wedding planner. Smaller weddings mean less planning, and a greater margin for error – moving a party of 10 indoors in poor weather is a much simpler task than doing the same with a guest list of 200.


2. You can focus on the details

How often have you been to a wedding and felt that it seemed a tad bit impersonal, even if it was the wedding of a close friend or family member? With smaller weddings, you can personalise everything from tableware to party favours, and bring your vision to life without having to worry about budget or time constraints.


3. Your guests can get to know each other

When you remove the obligation for guests to socialise with hundreds of others, you free up time for the people in your inner circle to really get to know one another. As an added bonus, you don’t have to fret about which acquaintances to include or exclude from the lengthy guest list.


4. You can be vulnerable

Weddings are without a doubt an emotional affair, but not everyone is comfortable with having all eyes on them throughout the ceremony. If you know you’re the type to turn on the waterworks, it might be more comfortable for you to be surrounded by close family and friends instead of feeling all self-conscious and having to hold it all in.


5. You can celebrate in other ways

Having a small wedding doesn’t mean you can’t share your joy with your extended family and friends. A great way to keep the celebrations going is to organise small, casual gatherings for different groups of people. In addition, not having everything over and done with at once means you're less likely to get post-wedding blues!


Although you may feel the urge to throw a grandiose wedding bash for the ages, don’t be afraid to take a step back and consider whether a smaller wedding might suit you better instead. It’s a much better idea to hold a wedding you’ll enjoy thoroughly then one you’d regret!