5 tips for brighter, bigger eyes

5 tips for brighter, bigger eyes

by Jenani Selvaraj 14 Feb 2020

The eyes are arguably the most prominent feature of a person’s face. Furthermore, where else is one to look whilst in the middle of a conversation? They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, so it makes sense to want to put in the extra effort in keeping them looking lively and bright!


1. Treat dark eye circles

Lack of sleep – something many of us face on a daily basis is also one of the main reasons behind the development of dark eye circles. These “panda eyes” make our own seem smaller, and this can be further aggravated if you have puffy eyebags as well. If you struggle with dark eye circles, try treating it with home remedies.


Consider placing a cold spoon against it until it loses its coolness or place cucumbers over your eyes (just like in the movies!) If not, consider using concealer and draw it in a triangle shape under your eyes.


2. Eyeliner

Line your bottom lid with a white pencil eyeliner; this helps to neutralise the color of the waterline which makes it look like it is part of the eye. When using liquid liner, draw a thicker line at the bottom of the eyelid and finish off with a thinner line to elongate in the corners of the eyes.


3. Lashes

Longer lashes give the illusion of bigger eyes! You can do this by applying castor oil or using mascara. If you are using mascara, sprinkle a little bit of talcum powder to make your mascara slightly thicker. Don’t forget about your lower lashes! Step it up a notch by curling them for a nice finish.


4. Eyebrows

Eyebrows can be thought of as the frame to your eyes, so fuller-looking eyebrows will give the appearance of bigger eyes!

5. Highlight

White eyeshadow brightens up your eyes, while highlighting your brow bones and cheeks give the illusion of lifted eyes. 


Experiment with different eye looks and see what works best for you! Just remember that aside from the above mentioned, good rest, proper nutrition and plenty of water can also help you in obtaining that perfect look to your eyes.