5 tips for mastering your training

5 tips for mastering your training

by Muhaimin X 27 Feb 2020

Getting your fundamentals right in the beginning of your training can get cumbersome and repetitive but it's essential in the long run. A solid execution of the basics gives you actual results in the weight room that last well into the future. Here are five tips that you can use with yourself in order to achieve greatness in training. 


1. Plan your schedule and keep the rhythm going

Develop your own routine and make a habit of sticking to it. Finding your rhythm allows you to follow through on the set task and it helps especially when you happen to feel lazy or unmotivated to train on certain days. We all have a tendency of falling back on bad habits if we don't give ourselves a reason to be more productive; find your groove to reaching your goals.


2. Be realistic with your goals

One of the major reasons people tap out early on is that they start with unrealistic goals. Hordes of people fall into the trap of setting lofty but wholly unfeasible goals because due fantastic expectation, which ultimately sets the stage for falling short of those goals (or severely underestimating how much time and effort it would take to reach those goals), feeling demoralised, and burning out. Know how much time you have that you can allocate for training and set your goals based on that. Don't pick a four-day routine if you can only commit to three days out of a week.


3. Know what motivates you

While discipline is what allows you to sustain a practice, it is typically motivation that helps you get started in the first place. We can find identify multiple reasons why people stopped working out – maybe they felt intimidated in the gym environment, or maybe they just realized (or remembered) that they didn’t like working out and eating less in the first place. Being able to pinpoint your reason for starting puts you in a better stead when the excuses start coming in. Be honest with yourself, and don’t be embarrassed if your true motivations feel a little bit vain.


4. Get skilled in the lifts

Everything we do physically stems from a neurological pattern. This is why we must first train for structure, stability, and balance, within the body, and this requires (subjectively) perfect or near-perfect form. It's easier to perform a lift if you feel confident executing it. Furthermore, internalising the principles of proper movement will allow for better troubleshooting should the need arise. A person who performs an exercise incorrectly during the initial stages of their training sets themselves up for injury and dysfunction down the line.


5. Always adapt to new stimulus

A lot of people stall out or fail to progress because they refuse to re-evaluate their current predicament. As with most things, the real magic comes from always finding way to keep moving forward. Don't be afraid to embrace change and learn how to make your current situation better. Progress isn’t always linear or unidirectional, so keep yourself open to new ideas.


Mastery of any skill or craft takes a generous amount of time and is process that should never be rushed. Why strength training does seem to be primarily physical on the surface, it requires proper mental syncing for its effects to be truly felt. As such, giving your mind enough time to “catch up” with your body (which is where recovery comes into play) will go a long way towards realising your athletic potential.