5 tips for redness-prone skin

5 tips for redness-prone skin

by Vanessa Ng 31 Jul 2018

If your skin is the kind that takes on the shade of a ripened cherry tomato far too easily, then you might want to commit what comes after this to memory. Individuals with sensitive skin may be prone to multiple environmental triggers, but here are five tips that can help.


1. Wash your face

Skincare basics 101: Never go to bed with a full face of make-up. In fact, get rid of all the sunblock and dirt that may be trapped in your pores before hitting the sack. Be sure to use a proper make-up remover instead of just splashing your face with water and scrubbing down with a face towel. Certain cosmetics are designed to be highly durable against moisture and perspiration.


2. Use gentle skin-care products

When choosing a facial cleanser, opt for more natural, calming and gentle options to avoid irritating your skin further. While it can be tempting to try out new products whenever they are launched, sticking to a consistent and predictable skin care regimen can prevent shocking your skin with nasty surprises.


3. Go fragrance-free

While spritzing some perfume before heading out can brighten up your day, stripping fragrance additives from your skin care products can be beneficial for your irritable skin. Avoiding fragrance for items that will come into direct contact with your skin means that unscented deodorant, and even detergent, should be used.


4. Avoid spicy foods

Skin redness can be caused by alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods. While different people will exhibit different triggers and tolerance levels, avoiding such foods on the whole (or at least the majority of the time) can prevent unnecessary flare-ups.


5. Get jade-rolling

On top of the usual cleansing, toning and moisturising, jade-rolling is fast becoming a mainstay in modern skin-care. Besides being a cooling facial massage that you can easily do in the comfort of your home by yourself, jade can help your skin’s lymphatic drainage process. If you also have puffy eyes, try chilling the jade roller in the fridge before using to effectively roll them away!


Having sensitive skin will mean that you have to pay extra attention to your skin-care routine. If you notice your skin reacting badly after a particular session, perform an elimination process to determine the nature of the trigger. For some cases, indirect exposure can be enough to create issues. If the frequency of such incidents becomes too much to handle, consider consulting a dermatologist for a professional opinion on alternative treatments.