5 tips for weight-loss (that aren’t about diet/exercise)

5 tips for weight-loss (that aren’t about diet/exercise)

by Vanessa Ng 27 Feb 2020

Besides nutrition and keeping an active lifestyle, many other factors affect just how successful your weight-loss programme will be. Often at times, these things exist beyond the quantifiable but do possess a measurable worth. Here are five tips to help you be a step closer to losing weight and keeping it off.


1. Practise mindfulness

Dieting efforts can be easily tarnished if one is not mindful about what they put in their mouth. By concentrating and being aware of the flavours and textures of the food that you are eating, you can maximise the feeling of satiety. This helps to mitigate the risk of overeating and the temptation to snack.


2. Have good a quality sleep

Piling up a hefty sleep debt can lead to lower levels of leptin, which is a hormone that plays a part in huger signals, energy metabolism and weight. Having sufficient, quality sleep is a big part of self-care. In order to sleep better, try meditation and yoga to de-stress before bedtime and power down digital distractions an hour before sleeping. Opt for calming essential oils such as lavender and dim your lights to condition your body to feel sleepy.


3.Pay attention to your health

Your ability to lose weight can be affected by existing health conditions and medication. Some types of medicine may in fact make it easier to gain weight. If you’re unsure about your present physical condition, speak to your doctor or dietitian before embarking on your weight-loss journey.


4.Ignore the kilograms

It can be disheartening to not see a change in the weighing scale after putting in a lot of effort into exercising and dieting. It is crucial to note that the number on the scale does not represent your health entirely. Looking at your energy levels, strength, and body composition changes are important too.



One obstacle that may be obstructing you from reaching your ideal weight may be your emotions. Hang-ups from the past, and other lifestyle pressures can end up indirectly hindering you by constraining your ability to fully commit to the weight-loss process. Take a good, long moment of introspection to see if you’re truly ready to begin.


Losing weight requires commitment from both your body and mind. Follow the tips above to strive towards losing weight effectively, and you’ll also be a more confident and happier version of yourself.