5 tips to boost up your day

5 tips to boost up your day

by Natalie L 1 month ago

We’ve all had our fair share of “bad days”. There are those days when we dread getting out of bed and just can’t wait for everything to come to a merciful end. For most people, these type of days are few and fa in between. If however, that is not the case then it may be something else entirely. Perhaps your lifestyle is in need of some changes, and these 5 tips might be just what you need to get back on track! 


1. Have a good rest the night before

Do you set multiple alarms everyday but only wake up on the last one? Do you have panda eyes or heavy eyebags that just won't quit? Well, perhaps you are sleep deprived and if so, you are not alone. According to multiple worldwide surveys, many city workers today are deprived of sleep. Though often an oversight, it is extremely important to get not just sufficient sleep, but good quality sleep each night. This is the key to feeling refreshed and alert the next day.


2. Get active in the morning

Be it yoga or morning runs, try to make morning exercises a part of your daily routine. The sound of getting some exercise in bright and early during the day might seem daunting, but it is truly a powerful way of helping you feel energised and alert for the day. Additionally, you get to reap the benefits of keeping in shape and maintaining your fitness with this new daily routine. Once this becomes a habit, it will be hard to stop.


3. Stay active throughout the day

Tired of sitting for long hours and staring at your computer screen? Then get moving! Take a short stroll around your workplace or do some mini exercises at your desk. Not only do these little exercises help to get you active, they serve as much-needed mental breaks from work. If you feel yourself getting stressed out more easily or having frequent “dry spells” at work, this tip might be very helpful.


4. Constantly hydrate yourself

Speaking of things dry, always bring a bottle of water with you when you leave your house and make a conscious effort to drink up if you don’t already have the habit of doing so. The last thing you would want is to feel dehydrated in the middle of the day, especially if the weather is hot and humid. Apart from the health benefits of drinking adequate water, having a water bottle around helps to eliminate excuses to reach out to those bottles of high-calorie sweet drinks.


5. Pack healthy snacks for the day

A well-curated snack pack always comes in handy, especially if you lead a very active lifestyle or are prone to unconscious snaking. Snacking can be beneficial in that it replenishes your energy and helps you to de-stress. Just be mindful of the snacks you prepare—go for greek yoghurt, fruits, nuts or other nutritious snacks. Not only do they keep you sated for longer, they are packed with nutrients which have multiple health benefits.


These habits may seem hard to cultivate, but they will become much harder to kick once you've incorporated them into your daily routine. They might sound time-consuming but the effects they have can invigorate you for the rest of the day and improve your productivity. Bad days don't have to be bad if you're good at handling them!