5 tips to nail your fitness resolution (if you haven't already)

5 tips to nail your fitness resolution (if you haven't already)

by Eunice Chua 19 Apr 2019

With it already being four months into 2019, most of us have either experienced some level of success or failure with our new year resolutions. Fitness resolutions always find their way into everyone's to-do list for the new year, but they often wind up being unfulfilled. If you face this problem every year, let 2019 be the successful year you’ve always wanted!


Discipline should be the keyword to achieving whatever goal you set for yourself. Without it, you will find yourself giving up on your plans once obstacles start getting in the way. Discipline is what drives you to show up for training, practice proper nutrition and get rid of unhealthy lifestyle habits. Here are 5 quick tips to exercise your discipline and own your fitness resolutions!


1. Give liquid calories a place in your diet

Keeping to the ideal calorie count can be difficult, especially when you know you are going somewhere with no access to healthy food. This is when liquid calories can come in handy. Your regular protein shakes can substitute small meals when you add extra ingredients to supplement it, like green tea powder, flaxseed oil or oatmeal. While you shouldn’t do this on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to occasionally opt for liquid calories when you anticipate a lack of healthier options.


2. Pack healthy finger food

Another way to get yourself to eat healthily on busy days when you simply have no time to plan a healthy meal is to pack healthy snacks to eat on the go. Snacks like low-fat greek yoghurt, almonds, beef jerky and even pre-cut vegetables are healthy finger foods that will keep the hunger pangs at bay but won’t compromise your diet plans.


3. Plan your meals one night in advance

In relation to the previous two points, planning your meals for the next day (or couple of days even) in advance will help you ensure that you're adequately prepared. This includes contingency plans in the event things go south. We often detour from our diet plans when we are faced with uncertainty or unforeseen circumstances, so eliminate this with proper planning.


4. Research unfamiliar surroundings

When you have to travel because of work, it’s a good idea to research the area in advance. Find out the food options available and whether there are suitable places for you to exercise. This will also help you to plan your workouts in advance.


5. Create a manageable daily workout routine

It’s good to be ambitious but planning long workouts that take up a lot of time won’t be feasible in the long run, especially when you start getting busy. Make sure your workouts are manageable in terms of duration and intensity so that there's enough room for flexibility in case other things require your attention. Plan your workouts to be as efficient as possible when it comes to achieving your goal and focus on one goal at a time. As the saying goes, “you can't ride two horses with one ass”.


With discipline, you can go further with your fitness resolutions than ever before. This is a skill, so it can only be honed with consistent practice and patience. The good news is that what you learn through said practice will carry over extremely well to everyday life, so make it an honest effort and your rewards will extend far beyond your physique!