5 traits to look out for in your next partner

5 traits to look out for in your next partner

by Rachel Foo 14 Sep 2018

As a girl growing up watching Disney animated movies where Prince Charming often takes the form of a brave and handsome gentleman with a set of pearly whites, ever-so ready to fight for the love of his life, I would constantly daydream about meeting my Prince Charming. He would be tall, charming and handsome and would do anything to make me happy.

Then, reality decided to step in and teach me a lesson.

After I got my heart broken for the first time, I realised that the type of love I wanted when I was a little girl, would not stand the test of time. The good looks I was going for did not necessarily equate to a good character. The whole “sweeping me off my feet” phase only lasted 2 weeks and I hated how he turned out to be self-centred.

So, I started looking for my prince charming in a different, and dare I say, more matured way?


Here’s a simple checklist (recommended by experienced matchmakers) for the lovelorn, who happen to be on a quest of their own for Mr/Mrs Right.


Kindness is important
According to an interview conducted by BBC News, Meghan Markle’s first question about Prince Harry was to find out if he was a kind person. “Because if he wasn’t, then it wouldn’t make sense,” she said. It has been scientifically proven that people who are genuinely kind would often appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Think about it: would you want to be in a relationship with someone who has a kind heart, or a mean one?


Thankfully, Prince Harry belonged to the former and we all got to witness a beautiful royal wedding this year.

Balance; the yin to your yang
They say, “two halves make a whole.” My partner and I are complete opposites; I am an extrovert, he is an introvert. I am loud, get excited easily and tend to act on impulse while he stays calm, takes a step back to look at the situation before acting accordingly. Due to our respective differences, we have either gotten ourselves into fun situations or saved ourselves from entering potentially bad ones. Figuring out what complements your character and personality may just be able to help you narrow your search for your other half!


Having compatible core values and goals
Your core values are what makes you, well, you. These values help guide you along in life and keep you true to yourself when the going gets rough. When looking for a partner, you may want to decide which three core values you will never compromise on and see if they are compatible with your potential partner. For example, if one of your core values is honesty, then being with someone who won’t even tell you where he/she went the night before without looking you in the eye is a big no-no.

Ask yourself, what is your passion in life? Do you exude confidence and happiness when talking about it? When you listen to people talk about their passion, does it affect you in a good way that makes you want to jump up and work on yours? Finding out about a potential partner’s passion may help determine if he/she has the drive to pursue it, which can be an indicator of a level of emotional maturity that’s suitable for a relationship as well!


Travel preferences
My partner and I have similar travel preferences. We enjoy the countryside and would pick visiting farms and parks over shopping malls. Find out what your potential partner’s dream vacation is like. How someone prefers to travel can tell you a lot about them. Are they spontaneous or do they plan their itinerary and refuse to change it? Do they enjoy dining at Michelin-star restaurants or exploring the local cuisine?


Looking for love in this technology-driven age may be trying; you have dating apps where most people hide behind their screens and post only the best pictures and talk only about their best qualities. Once you start talking to someone, dig deeper and get to know them better – you may just find the one best suited for you!