5 ways to enter your mental stress-free zone

5 ways to enter your mental stress-free zone

by Eunice Chua 21 Feb 2020

Staying stress-free is certainly a trying task in modern society, but thankfully managing mental stress can be made easy and effective with some tweaks to one’s mindset and attitude. Free your mind from worries with these quick tips on how to ease your way into your happy place!


1. Keep your expectations reasonable

Setting goals for yourself and visualising how you want things to be is a great way to cope with life’s many obstacles, but unrealistic expectations can set you up for lots of unnecessary disappointment. Keep your goals feasible and don’t beat yourself up for failing to make breakthroughs that would otherwise be considered miraculous.


2. Take baby steps

When it comes to fulfilling all those bothersome obligations you have cluttering your plate, taking baby steps can help you to cope with the emotional burden better. Being over-committed can lead you to feeling overwhelmed, so break down your tasks into manageable bite-size chunks that you can deal with without freaking out.


3. Keep the faith

Beating stress is impossible if you aren’t armed with a shield of personal faith. Having mental strength is key to overcoming stress, and the best way to build this up is by having faith in yourself, even when no one else does. Mentally reaffirm yourself that you are well-suited to the task at hand; there is a very good reason that it was assigned to you in the first place!


4. Go easy on yourself

There will always be days when you feel less productive or successful than you want to be. Getting upset at yourself isn’t going to do any favours to your mental state and only piles on to your emotional stress, so don't beat yourself up when the fact is like everybody else, you're only human. You may have failed today, but don’t let that guilt wreck you into giving up on trying harder tomorrow!


5. Focus on what you can control

We usually get stressed over things we can’t control, so one way to relieve yourself of stress is to focus on what you can take charge of. When you feel like you are losing your grip, take a moment to consider all the possible autonomous actions that you can take. You’ll realise that you have better control over the situation and the stress than you realise, and this will give you greater confidence to deal with the situation at hand.


Stress is something that has become commonplace in just about every aspect of daily life, which makes knowing how to deal with it all the more important. Distracting yourself with other activities to temporarily take your mind off offending matters can only help so much. At the end of the day, how you choose to react to your environment will determine your mental state in it.