5 ways to increase your metabolism

5 ways to increase your metabolism

by Vanessa Ng 11 Jan 2020

Training hard and eating properly to lose fat is never easy, yet having a speedy metabolism certainly helps to make the process a little smoother. While some may believe that genetics are the chief determining factor of one’s metabolic rate, they are only partially correct. Here are five small tweaks that you can make in your life, starting today, to help bump up your metabolism.


1. Drink cold water

Your body expends energy as it assimilates cold water and heats it up to its core temperature. This concept is also similar to how you tend to burn more calories in a non-heated swimming pool. Bathing in cold water is also known to have a similar effect!


2. Drink green tea

Loved by many, the multi-purpose and affordable green tea can help you speed up your metabolism. It has a plant compound, ECGC, which helps to promote fat-loss. Try it out if you are seeking to maintain your weight or to lose more weight. For beauty junkies, you can even chill used tea bags in the fridge and place them on your eyes to make them less puffy.


3. Have some dairy

Everyone loves dairy for its protein and fat content. They also make for a calcium-rich snack that aids in fat metabolism. Having a small treat such as six ounces of Greek yogurt or a cup of milk allows you to take advantage of this micronutrient; even better if it’s before bed time!


4. Consume spicy food

Did you know that capsaicin, the compound that makes chili peppers spicy, can raise your metabolism? In fact, consuming a tablespoon of chopped red or green chilies can boost your body's core temperature. You may even experience a temporary spike in your metabolism by about 23%. Of course, no one’s asking you to eat the stuff right off the bat – season your food with and you’ll be good to go.


5. Sleep early

Sleeping little can result in your body producing less leptin and ghrelin, which are hormones that regulate appetite and energy usage. Researchers at Stanford University found that people who slept under 7.5 hours a night experienced an increase in their body mass index (BMI). Sleeping sufficiently can also lower your risk of obesity, blood sugar and cortisol levels, and insulin resistance.


Lifestyle habits can certainly wield a significant amount of influence over how efficient your body is when it comes to managing its energy. A body that is in good health and is conditioned to physical activity naturally burns more calories, even at rest. Get the little things under control and the difference will be palpable!