5 ways to measure success that don’t involve money

5 ways to measure success that don’t involve money

by Evigan Xiao 13 Feb 2020

Who wouldn’t wish to be a success in life? While there are many ways to measure success, most people tend to focus on the financial aspect of it due to it being the most obvious. However, there are other ways to see if you’re on the right track to success. After all, money isn’t everything! Here are 5 non-monetary ways to evaluate success:


  • How Your Body Feels

You may have heard of “health before wealth”, and that’s true in many ways. Stop what you’re doing for a second, and pay close attention to your body. Do you feel fatigued? Tense? Heavy or light? How you fare physically often relates to how you’re doing emotionally. Do you feel like you’re not getting enough sleep or eating enough? Or are you missing out on keeping active due to work obligations?


  • How Much Enjoyment You’re Experiencing

It can be rather difficult to have equal amounts of fun and work in our daily lives; it’s even trickier to have fun ON the job. Do you ever find yourself watching a movie, but unable to truly enjoy the film because of how much you’re thinking about work at the back of your mind? If your work, no matter how lucrative, is seriously getting in your way of enjoying the little things in life, then you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

  • How “Yourself” You Are

Only when we are truly in our own skin do we feel fully fulfilled. How differently would you do things if you were comfortable with being yourself? Would you be more assertive? Would you pursue a different vocation? More importantly, would you spend more time on things that actually make you happy?


  • Your Relationships

Having great relationships with those around you is testament to a healthy, happy and well-balanced life. They don’t have to be perfect; all you need to do is focus on relationships that are present, meaningful and add value to your life, rather than wasting precious resources hating on your boss, or dwelling on other negative emotions.


  • Anticipating A Bright Future

Happy individuals are more able to perceive a future that is better than the present. Are you brimming with optimism for what the next year/month/week/day might bring? Do events around the corner feel fun, exciting and hopeful? They should; you never know what new opportunities await behind that proverbial door!


Above all else, be happy! Success may not be something that lands in your lap just because you wish it, but you’ll never find something else that’s as worthwhile being patient for.



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