5 ways to stop your mind from sabotaging yourself

5 ways to stop your mind from sabotaging yourself

by Pamela Ng 25 Feb 2020

The mind is a powerful weapon. What people think, they can become. During trying times however, the mind may get a little tired and restless. Once you start to believe that you can’t carry on; that’s when the brakes kick in. Here are 5 ways to stop your mind from sabotaging yourself so that you can soldier on and achieve:


1. Do up a vision board

Humans are visual creatures, and that is when creating a vision board becomes helpful. Having a visual aid can help you to focus on your goal, motivating you to overcome whatever difficulties that come your way.


2. Daily affirmations

Encouragement can be cathartic, but those coming from yourself can have an even greater effect. At moments when you are down and having a headful of discouraging thoughts, reminding yourself of your strength can lift you up, giving you the motivation to get back on track with more confidence.


3. Speak positive words

Self-pity is an easy journey to make. It takes a strong person to find something positive in a difficult situation. It is difficult, but speaking positive words even when you are down can have a great effect on your mind and improve your mood, helping you to trudge through hard times.


4. Count your blessings

Whatever that happens in our lives, there is always a silver lining. It is up to you to find that silver lining and remind yourself that life isn’t that bad after all. Sure, you may be worried over something, but know that no matter the size of the obstacle, it wall all pass in time.


5. Try hypnotherapy

If you have never tried hypnotherapy, perhaps you should consider a session if you struggle with immense levels of self-doubt. It supposedly passes the conscious mind and into the subconscious mind. After a session, you should feel more relaxed and your mind rewired. Whether you are believer or a sceptic, a hypnotherapy session can be a great experience.


Life is hard and the path to success is never linear. The important thing to know is that you and your mind can be strong only if you allow it to be. Instead of succumbing to mental sabotaging, remind yourself that you are, if anything else, built for survival. Have faith!