5 ways to unplug from modern life

5 ways to unplug from modern life

by Pamela Ng 06 Jan 2020

The modern smartphone is a gadget that many of us cannot live without. While it is considered practically indispensable when it comes to facilitating long-distance communication, it also often becomes a source of distraction for us from what is important, such as spending quality time with our loved ones or seeking self-improvement. Here are 5 great tips to help you go analogue without losing your mind: 


1. Keep learning

While many things can be learnt online, it may not be on part with the traditional classroom style of learning. By attending a class, you are less likely to become reliant your gadgets or computers (unless it is a class on computer skills), which puts your mental flexibility to the test when it comes to picking up new skills and concepts. Furthermore, by going out and attending classes, you can also meet new people and widen your social circle.


2. Get a camera

We get it – modern smartphone cameras come with pretty nifty features like built-in stabilisers, wireless connection and hundreds of different filters to choose from. However, getting an old-fashioned camera (even the digital sort) can prove to be therapeutic in terms of being able to make taking a picture just about taking a picture. Doing so allows you to snap your shot and move on to something else instead of obsessing over who to tag or on-the-spot photo editing.


3. Go retro

Plan family nights or gatherings with friends in the style of the 90’s or early 2000’s, when technology wasn’t as rampant and far-reaching. Sleepovers, board game nights, camping (or glamping, if you prefer), barbeque cookouts – such events make it so much easier to toss aside technology and focus on enjoying the company of one another.


4. Read

Books are great sources of knowledge and entertainment. They keep you entertained for hours upon hours, and can take you to new places while broadening your horizons. Trawl the Internet for a list of top-picks and keep your eye open for them the next time you’re at the library or a book store. E-books may be convenient, but there’s something supremely satisfying about hold the actual physical copy in your hands. While you’re at it, how about joining a book club?


5. Find a home project

Who wouldn’t want to live in a nicer house? Taking up some DIY hobbies is the perfect way to distract yourself from logging on to Netflix the minute you reach home. Home projects such as wood carpentry, painting and flower decoration are tedious, but they’re also very rewarding. The only limits are your own imagination when it comes to creating something that is a unique expression of yourself.


There are much better ways to spend your time instead of scrolling through the endless feed on your Facebook or Instagram account. You don’t have to forswear technology – just keep it to the essentials and some small indulgences. After all, wouldn’t it be kind of sad if your entire life could be summed up on social media?