A guide to de-cluttering that works

A guide to de-cluttering that works

by Pamela Ng 21 Feb 2020

Mess can cause unease, both mentally and emotionally. Having less stuff can make you worry less, and it also has the added benefit of making housework a lot easier! However, it can be a bit overwhelming to do away with things that you don’t bear to throw or give away, especially when you’ve never done it before. But as they say in France: cest la vie. Here is a guide for you to help kickstart your de-cluttering journey:


Food products

Many people’s pantries and refrigerators are probably filled to the brim. This could be due to their love of food, a big family, or a simple matter of buying whatever one fancies. Regardless of the reason, having too many foodstuffs can make you feel more uneasy than happy. It takes up valuable shelf space and can make you forget about that secret stash of chocolate chip cookies you bought a month, or even a few years ago!


For a start, take out everything from the pantries and refrigerators. Sort out whatever that has expired; you may be amazed at the result! To make the most of this opportunity, you may also choose to throw away junk food or processed foods so that you can start to eat more healthily.


Paper documents

Look around your house and you can probably see many newspapers and magazines that have long outlived their usefulness. If they’ve already been read, it’s time for them to go into the recycling bin. Clearing piles of paper items can clear your living space significantly and reduce fire hazards.


Besides the living room, your desk will most likely be the next victim of paper pileups. Get rid of bills that have already been paid or any other paperwork that have already been taken care of. It will reduce clutter drastically, and you won’t have to worry about mixing up any documents in the future. As far as possible, you can also scan less important paper documents and store them digitally. It would give you much more physical space that can also translate to more positive feelings such as calmness and easiness.


Miscellaneous things

Not all things can be categorised into the above, but they can still cause clutter. Such things would include water bottles, files and bags, just to name a few. For the purpose of efficiency, prepare 3 bags labelled “throw”, “donate” and “keep”, and then bag your discarded belongings accordingly. Aside from making your house/room look less like a hoarder’s paradise, you can also achieve some good by passing some of your things to those who are less fortunate.


De-cluttering should not be a one-off ritual. Ensuring that your abode remains neat and tidy can bring more joy and ease into your life. Better still, it teaches prudence in purchasing amidst doing away with all the stuff that were bought with an “I NEED THIS”. It not necessarily about leading a lean life; just one that isn’t literally messed up!