A pie you can have for breakfast?

A pie you can have for breakfast?

by Vanessa Ng 22 Jan 2020

Having pies for breakfast sounds like a fantasy to some, but it need not be! Not only is the following recipe packed with protein, it is both vegan and gluten-free! Unbelievably, it is also incredulously simple to make, requiring only a grand total of two ingredients. Yes, just two ingredients!  Readers with a sweet tooth, here’s a hearty “you’re welcome” in advance!


Making the pie crust

Instead of making the pie crust painfully from scratch, simply press your favourite nutrition bars into a small dish. It is that simple. There are no restrictions in terms of taste, and you can pick your favourite chocolate, peanut butter, or raisin bar. The only point to note is that the bars need to be malleable in order for it to be able to form a pie crust.


How to make the fillings

Following that, all you need to do is to fill up the crust with non-dairy yogurt or cashew cream. You can even mix in some organic honey if you want an added energy boost. After you are satisfied with your creation, pop it into the freezer until it solidifies, or leave it overnight.


Add-ons for added nutrition

Feel free to sprinkle the pie with generous toppings of fruits such as blueberries, chopped papaya, sliced strawberries, mango bits and more. Add some pre-soaked chia seeds, raw almond butter or coconut shavings if you like.


Depending on your nutrition bar of choice, this tasty treat can be the perfect choice for either the morning munchies or post-dinner dessert. Caffeinated bars would work better for the former, while those with a lower carbohydrate count would suit the latter well. Bon Appetit!