A push and pull, all in one

A push and pull, all in one

by Pamela Ng 26 Feb 2020

Both pushing and pulling movements help to build muscles and improve performance. But what kind of exercise encompasses both of these actions? The answer is the renegade row. This badass exercise works on a weak core and stimulates muscle growth simultaneously. When done properly, it is one heck of an exercise that helps to build up your physique. Here are the benefits of renegade rows:


1. They work on anti-extension

Keeping a straight back helps to build strength in your anterior core and also develops endurance. When fatigue kicks in, the position forces you to stop unnecessary movement and thus prevents injuries. Be mindful not to let your hips sink down.


2. They teach you the basics of rotating

Rotational power is crucial in sports such as baseball and swimming. To start learning rotating, you first need to be able to control it and stop the rotation when needed. Renegade rows help to train your rotation by requiring you to slow and stop your rows when called for it.


3. They hit various muscles

Renegade rows help to train the chest, triceps, shoulders and lats. The dumbbells encourage the user to perform a deeper push-up and the rowing action adds an isometric contraction of the various muscle groups.


4. They train both strength and stability

A proper renegade row prevents your body from moving unnecessarily, thus bullet-proofing your body against injuries. Engage your core to stabilise yourself for this purpose and you can protect yourself by creating less exertion on your back and spine, while training yourself to be strong and stable.


Like all exercises, renegade rows need to be done right in order to reap their full benefits. Keep yourself in proper form, and perform each row and push-up with the stability and control in mind. Add them to your workout for an extra boost to your training – they can be done as part of an extended warm-up or even as a finisher.