A wellness retreat without leaving the city

A wellness retreat without leaving the city

by Natalie Dau 26 Jan 2020

Let me start with the fact that I am not the biggest yoga fan.  I am also not known for my amazing flexibility – I would rather go for a run or lift some weights. So when an invitation came through for a 2 day retreat that was based around yoga, meditation and patience. I wasn’t sure it was for me, but the packing instructions to only bring three sets of active wear got me across the line, and off I went to the W Hotel at Sentosa.


On arrival we were whisked immediately to an outside lawn area and greeted by retreat guru’s Om & Away and Lululemon. Sitting on a picnic rug under an umbrella whilst snacking on handmade lentil chips with haloumi, I knew I had made the right decision to attend, as did the other lucky nine guests.



What followed was a meditation session, yoga, more amazing snacks and poetry writing.  Time for a break and we headed to the penthouse to have lunch with our legs dangling in water while the chefs dressed in wetsuits, served us our food from rainbow shaped lilo’s in the pool… wow!



The afternoon was spent taking some time out to understand what our personal core values are (full disclosure I hate sharing any information like this, but in this instance I was more than happy to participate).  Where did those last 8 hours go?  It was now time to finish and be joined by 130 people to celebrate World Yoga Day with a mass class in the W Hotel lobby complete with glow sticks, face painting and beer.  Who says yoga is boring!


Waking up the next morning I was actually forward to what was planned for the day ahead… and while I did sneak in an early run, I have to say the outdoor yoga that morning was something really special.  (almost enough to make me commit to doing it more often)


Post breakfast Lululemon lead us on a journey to talk about our 10 year plans, and it was amazing to be inspired by each other’s stories.



Before heading home we were once again whisked away upstairs to a suite, only to find an entrance to a nightclub set up (security doorman and all). Once we had our wristbands on we entered the room to a DJ playing, disco balls in full swing and was handed a drink in a lightbulb shaped glass containing a glow stick.  The day club lunch was so unexpected, but such a fun way to finish an amazing two days.


My key takeaways –

  • You can’t put a price on stepping back from life (even for 2 days) to recharge, re-evaluate and refresh… I need to do it more
  • I like yoga more now!
  • The W Hotel is truly unique in their experiences
  • The collaboration between Om & Away and Lululemon was a match made in heaven
  • I met some amazing like-minded inspiring people
  • City retreats are the new cool thing


And yes I did find my inner zen, and I only had to travel 25 minutes from home to do it.