An unconventional method for eating better

An unconventional method for eating better

by Vanessa Ng 26 Jan 2020

Eating better need not only involve going with healthier food options. What if I told you that eating with your non-dominant hand helps? Here are some reasons why adopting this way of consumption can bring about health benefits:


  • You eat slower

Using this unnatural and unconventional way to eat can reduce your eating speed drastically. This gives you time to chew your food adequately as well as better digest them. Doing so can result in a reduction of GI tract issues too. You can even up this challenge by setting a minimum number of chews. To further ensure that you chew sufficiently, try opting for high-fibre foods like fruits and vegetables.


  • More focus on eating

Ever wondered how that bag of chips disappeared? Whenever one multi-tasks, it becomes hard to focus on performing each individual task properly. As such, when you are eating chips and watching a movie, you tend to get so engrossed in the movie that you continue to eat out of habit, conveniently using your dominant hand. As it is difficult to eat without distractions, eating with your non-dominant hand forces you to focus more on the food as opposed to whatever it is that you’re watching. This way, you are actively aware of just how much you are eating and how much is left, which will give you more time to realise if you feel satiated or otherwise.


  • Stay mentally sharp

This daily habit of challenging your coordination skills has the added benefit of keeping your brain sharp. Once you get the hang of it, you may even want to consider building the habit of putting your utensils down between each bite. Pacing yourself to another slow eater helps too.


Eating with your non-dominant hand can be terribly awkward in the beginning. However, slowing things down and working on the simpler things in life has a way of rewarding you in the most unexpected ways. Try it out for yourself and see!