Applying a work ethic to relationships

Applying a work ethic to relationships

by Eunice Chua 18 Jan 2020

Ever dated someone who made being in the relationship feel like a business partnership? That may not be such a bad thing at all. In fact, maintaining a professional edge to your romantic relationships could be really beneficial to building a future that's successful and espouses committment.


We may think it’s slightly unnatural if our date sends us invites on Google Calendar to have dinner together, or schedules sit-down talks to iron out kinks in the relationship. As weird as it seems, incorporating such business-like elements into the dating process could land the relationship in a solid space. After all, business relationships are conducted to achieve a mutual goal through copious amounts of cooperation, commitment and planning – these are things that make a romantic relationship work! Read on to find out how to incorporate a touch of professionalism into your love life.


1. Define what you want to achieve

In our work lives, we set both short and long-term goals for our professional development. This is something you can do with your love life too, so that it’s easier for you and your partner to work towards a shared future together. Your relationship goals don’t have to be overly specific. Reasonable goals involve defining what you want out of the relationship, such as the freedom to be completely yourself around your partner.


2. Conduct regular “stock-keeping”

Keeping track of the progress of your relationship can involve regular meetings so that both parties have the opportunity to voice out their concerns. Tell each other about the good and the bad stuff – this is really important so that any potential conflict gets addressed on the spot and ensures that the both of you are still working towards the same goal. These review sessions provide a platform for compromises to be achieved so that your relationship stays healthy and functional.


3. Ideate together

Businesses often have meetings for everyone to sit down together and brainstorm for ideas. This is necessary in a relationship too as things can get stagnant as time wears on. Some of us are familiar with the “post-honeymoon period blues” that come about when the initial spark fizzles out, and relationships descend into en endless cycle of mindless stay-home-and-chill-out sessions. Coming together as a couple to churn out ideas on what to do together can help to prevent this from happening and keep the fire going. These brainstorming sessions can be a fun bonding event in itself too!


4. Create designated couple-time

Set up time blocks where your attention is solely focused on your partner. This means actively tuning out all distractions like your phone or the television. Similar practices are also implemented at work as a means of ensuring productivity; this principle carries over well into personal relationships as well. Your partner deserves your undivided attention every now and then. For your relationship to grow, you have to treat spending time with them as an important and valuable activity.


Most of us don’t have the habit of adopting such a regimented attitude towards our relationships but hey, there’s a lot to gain and little to lose from incorporating a touch of work habits into our dating rituals. Ultimately, it’s about treating your relationship as an important venture and your date as your other half in this wonderful partnership!