Are you secretly frying your vocals?

Are you secretly frying your vocals?

by Pamela Ng 15 Feb 2020

You may have heard this on the radio or television: women with deep, sultry voices that just oozes charisma and appeal. Vocal fry has been associated with various notable people and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Zooey Deschanel, which has thus made many people wonder: is it as bad as its name makes it sound?


What exactly is vocal fry?


Vocal fry is the natural lowest register voice that a person can use. As a result of it, the voice that one emits can sound “creaky” due to the slight vibrations that are characteristic of the vocal fry register.


Can it hurt your vocal cords?


Vocal fry itself does not harm your vocal cords. However, the vocal fatigue that comes along with engaging in it can increase the risk of injuring vocal cords. Furthermore, those who usually engaged in vocal fry may find it difficult to stop themselves from using it, further increasing the risk of damaging the vocal cords.


Perception of people who use vocal fry


According to various research and studies, it has been shown that those who engage in vocal fry has been perceived in a more negative light than those who don’t use it. This is apparently attributed to the perception of said individuals being less competent and less educated than their contemporaries. As a result, these people may find it difficult to impress their interviewers during job interviewers.


That being said, there have been other studies that show conflicting results. Some people who use vocal fry have been seen as having greater capabilities and abilities than those who don’t. Many DJs and radio personalities also engage in vocal fry which gives them the deeper and grittier voice that many listeners love, though there are a handful who dislike such voices. 


Unless you are required to, there is no real practical reason for you to employ a vocal register that is unnatural for you. Voices are as unique as they come and it would be pure silliness to adopt someone else’s simply because it’s currently in vogue or trending. For those who do sound like that naturally, don’t worry about your throat suffering for it – this is what it was built for!