Avoiding the post-vacation blues

Avoiding the post-vacation blues

by Vanessa Ng 07 Feb 2020

Returning after a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable vacation can be a downer, especially when you the thoughts of work starting creeping back into your head. While being in familiar environs can be comforting, the routine is more likely than not to pale in comparison with the carefree travel you had abroad. Here are some ways to make the transition to your regular life back home an easier one:


  • Leave your home squeaky clean

Before departing for your travels, be sure to clean your house as thoroughly as you can. By doing so, you will be greeted with a clean home that can make the return a much more pleasant experience. The last thing you want is to trade two weeks of a clean hotel room for a cluttered mess. It may not be obvious at first when you leave, but such a stark comparison can make the feeling unbearable.


  • Reflect on what happened

Look through the series of photographs and videos taken on your camera or phone. Reminisce about what happened at that point in time when that snapshot was taken. You can easily do this while on your way to work, or just before hitting the sack. If you can, print the photographs out and pen your thoughts behind it. This form of reflection is also a celebration of sorts, as it makes the time spent collecting these memories even more “real”.


  • Do what you could not do previously

While backpacking, you may not have the storage space to carry your entire night-time self-care routine. You also may not be able to go for your regular spinning or trampoline class as well. Heading back into your routine is not just an act for its own sake, but also allows you to welcome the things you left behind back into your life. Think of it as reuniting with an old friend!


  • Allow your mentality to transit

Plan an extra day or two to recover from your trip instead of rushing back to work immediately. This transitioning lessens the strain on you and gives you time to recharge. A common and popular tactic is to return on a Friday or the eve of a public holiday. This way, you won't have to rush to unpack (both physically and mentally) and you'll be able to take things at a more relaxed pace.


Every vacation trip has to end sometime, but how it ends is entirely up to you! If you're still down in the doldrums, consider this: there's always the next vacation and the one after that to look forward to!