Be daring with fitness

Be daring with fitness

by Vanessa Ng 04 Jan 2020

Many naysayers have asserted the negativities of numerous exercises and urge all to know every minute detail before starting a new sport. You must have heard that running will be terrible for your knees, and that high intensity exercises almost guarantee injuries. Marathons must be avoided as they are said to be bad for your joints and mental health. Weightlifting without a trainer consistently monitoring you will likely destroy your body overtime. Many highlight that you require years of cycling experience before you can cycle on the road as it is extremely risky. You may have been told that it is too late to do gymnastics unless you started when you were a kid, or that you are too old to try dragon boating. Some believe that the pre-requisite to taking yoga is to be flexible, otherwise you will pull a muscle and embarrass yourself in front of a class. This article seeks to subvert all of that, and not for the reasons you’d expect.


Testing your body with a multitude of challenges can propel you forward. Conversely, doing the same, safe and unchallenging exercises will result in your body fully anticipating what comes next. Not only will results become less significant over time, you will also become bored and unmotivated. What usually follows is the cessation of physical activity that results in more harm than it prevents. So much for “safety”!


We’d be remiss to promote reckless exercising. Safety is of course, of utmost importance. But continuous improvement and striving towards perfection is not possible without being daring with fitness. The truth is that you do not need to be a professional or be clued in to every aspect of the activity before you try a new sport or start something. Not all professionals start off with having an encyclopaedia embedded in their heads. A fitness coach most likely started off with the basics just like everyone else.


There will always be things that appear scary to you, but that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from them. Of course, this doesn’t apply to things like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. The idea is that there are probably a good number of things you haven’t tried that could make you a better person, and some of said things will naturally seem intimidating due to their novelty. Yes, have some understanding of what you’re getting into, but you don’t need to develop a doctorate-level understanding of the subject matter to get into it.


Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” When it comes to fitness, confronting adversity is the name of the game. There will be times when it seeks you out, but doing the opposite can be healthy for your long-term development as well. It doesn’t matter whether or not you turn out to be the best in your field; trying to be will get you further than most!


We all have limited time and energy. To be overwhelmed with information and fear can hinder you in your fitness journey. Stepping right into it can gift you with deeper insight than spectating from the sidelines ever will, so there’s no sense in pussyfooting around. Nothing ventured; nothing gained!