Being economical in happiness

Being economical in happiness

by Vanessa Ng 19 Jan 2020

While modern society has brought us up to equate money with happiness, there’s more to putting a smile on your face than just having a long string of zeroes in your bank account. It is whom you spend it with, the experiences that you get, and the memories that you make that gives it genuine value. 


High income does not equate to happiness

You’ve heard stories of people leaving their high-flying job for something much simpler. Cashing in one’s career in search of happiness does seem like a risky endeavour, and it certainly takes a lot of planning before you should commit to a decision. However, if you dread working for someone else and hate the idea of going back to work the next day, something must be obstructing your path to happiness. You owe it to yourself to have an honest inner dialogue on what truly makes you happy.


Question yourself

What energises you and brings happiness? Question yourself on what you want to achieve in life. Are you okay with being a millionaire working in a company that views you as a means to an end, or be someone who helps others reach their goals? Do you want to live in a beautiful bungalow, or would you rather trade that for your own start-up like you’ve always dreamed about? These can be difficult, yet important questions to ask yourself.


Monetise your skills

Everyone is good at something. You can do what you love and turn it into source of income. Explore what makes you tick, and what motivates you to get up and seize the day. Even if it ends up going no further than being a side hustle, you’ll have a legitimate reason to do what you love and make money off it!


Buy into experiences

Were you reluctant to quit your terrible high-paying job due to the fear of being unable to afford things that you want? While having the latest tech gizmo might make you the envy of your friends, such material possessions rarely end up providing anything more than a short-lived bout of buyer’s satisfaction. “Investing in experiences” might sound like something an entitled millennial might spout off, but opting for something like a yoga resort getaway is guaranteed to do far more for your life than a brand new dress.


Enjoy your hobbies

Your indulgences shouldn’t be kept to a dark corner in the broom closet; the best way to celebrate your hobbies is to share them with someone else! While it is important for you to feel fulfilled with your favourite activities, taking the next step to spread that kind of joy will take yours to brand new heights.


It is entirely possible to make less but live more, if you’re willing to take a step in a different direction. While this doesn’t mean that you should forego your financial goals, don’t end up making all your life’s decisions in service of that goal. Rethink your perceptions and challenge yourself to live life to the fullest; happiness shouldn’t be that hard to find!