Bringing kintsugi into your life

Bringing kintsugi into your life

by Vanessa Ng 09 Aug 2018

Aspiring to be the best version of yourself is to constantly strive to be greater. It compels you to think far ahead and never settle. However, it may also result in you being overly hard on yourself, or shun failure and setbacks. This is where the concept of kintsugi can be helpful. 


Kintsugi isn’t some new-fangled life hack; it refers to the old Japanese art of fixing broken pottery by lining the cracks with gold dust. As opposed to concealing the cracks altogether, they’re highlighted and honoured. Here is how you can work this unique form of self-appreciation into your life:


Embrace flaws

The Japanese term "wabi-sabi" is the celebration of imperfection and flaws. Accept that bad things can happen, and that they form a natural part of life. To practice this, try being more forgiving and stop comparing yourself to someone else. You can also try to simplify your life through the decluttering and minimising of your possessions. 


Eat and live healthily

Great wellness foods such as green tea and fermented foods are often staples in typical Japanese cuisine. Moderation in food intake is also widely practiced in their culture, which might explain Japan’s astonishingly low obesity rate of 3.2%. Having a healthy body creates a more conducive environment for your mental strength to blossom and flourish.

Make self-care compulsory

How you treat yourself matters. The older generation of Japanese folk were not averse to physical culture, often enjoying things like long walks and hikes, while taking the time to appreciate life around then. To apply this to your daily habits, try practicing gratitude as much and  as often as possible. Appreciating the small things in life will help you to focus on the lighter side of life.


Form healthy communities

A Japanese philosophy known as “yuimaru” translates to the "circle of the people,". It highlights the importance of showing your vulnerabilities and being open to forge strong and meaningful relationships with people. Simple acts like signing up for a cooking class or knitting workshop with a friend, or even organising a reunion with old friends will generate opportunities to form deeper bonds within your social.


Incorporating kintsugi into your life might end up being the key that unlocks your potential to thrive at life. The pursuit of success and excellence tends to leave one overly critical. By following the tips above, you can be a step closer to achieving a new level of mindfulness.