Bringing light to remembrance

Bringing light to remembrance

by Vanessa Ng 09 Jan 2020

With Good Friday just around the corner, many may start to recall the origins of the holiday. Remembering the past and reflecting on ways to improve signals good forward thinking. Being able to feel positive emotions, negative feelings, as well as everything in between is also what makes us genuinely human. Such nuances can make life truly worth living.


In fact, reminiscing on past memories, both good and bad, can bring about personal growth as you seek to train and strengthen your mind to become more appreciative of what you already have. Being grateful for what happened, and finding the good in the bad, can bring you closer to contentment and happiness.


However, it is also important to note the emotional weight that comes with memory. If you are likely to overthink and be excessively stuck in the past or fill yourself with overwhelming negativity on things that can no longer be changed, then there may be a need for you to focus on the present instead. Being trapped in the past often causes a lot of mental stress.


The truth is that your memories may, and most likely will, distort over time. As such, you have the ability to shape what you choose to believe in. As such, instead of being shunned or applauded, the act of remembering should be embraced from a standpoint that involves gratitude, not bitterness. If remembering makes you a better person, and if remembering can improve your outlook and take on life, then it is good for your mental well-being.


Another perspective to consider is that what is deemed as important today may cease to be over time. The truth is that the memory that you are holding currently, however dear, may cease to exist for others in a century’s time. For instance, shockingly, a survey conducted revealed that over half of 16 to 24-year-olds were unable to name the starting date of the first world war, despite it being known throughout history as “The Great War”.


Having a hold of the past is useful if it propels you forward and motivates you to better yourself; it can be the start of a learning journey where you seek to find out who you are and what you can be. However, it would be folly to neglect the past at the expense of the present. So, hold dear the lessons of old but do not let them become your prison.