Burning out is no fun – what can you do about it?

Burning out is no fun – what can you do about it?

by Vanessa Ng 12 Feb 2020

Feeling burnt out is perhaps one of the most upsetting, frustrating and stressful emotions around. No one likes feeling like they're walking along a razor-thin wire suspended over a pit of self-destruction. Here are some tips on means to cope with the physical and mental strain.


Adopt self-care habits.

Being self aware and adopting self-care is important. It helps you to take note of imbalances in your emotions before it becomes too dire. Do not be too harsh on yourself and learn to appreciate and thank you for being you. Self-care can take many forms; it can be as easy as choosing to not do overtime or can be as extravagant as going on a luxurious retreat. Simple, everyday things like putting on a facial mask or going for a jog to keep your mental health in tip top condition.


Prioritise what's important.

Being certain about what is considered important is crucial. This ensures that you do not lose sight of your goal when the going gets tough or when distractions crop up. Spending quality time with your loved ones for one, should be be high on your list of priorities. Having some personal me-time to unwind in peace and solitude is also fundamental to your mental well-being, so it's OK to be selfish every now and then!


Have a good quality sleep.

When taking care of yourself, it is difficult to leave sleep out of the equation. Try as much as you can to clock in seven to nine hours of good quality rest for at least a week. Also, make sure that your bedroom environment is optimised for restful sleep. That means no blue light-emitting devices an hour before bed and keeping the room cool and dark. Other measures like blackout curtains and white noise generators can be employed as well.


Nourish yourself with good food.

You are what you eat. If you were to stuff yourself with junk food that is high in refined carbohydrates, sugar and salt, your body can get (and feel) quite unhealthy. As such, opt for a nourishing diet. On top of healthy fats and greens, do not forget to dig into satisfying broths and refreshing fruits too.


At the end of the day, prevention triumphs over cure. Avoid burning out in the first place by scheduling breaks to punctuate what can be on onslaught of personal and professional commitments. Life can be hard, but only if you allow it to get to you!