Challenge your runs with a virtual races

Challenge your runs with a virtual races

by Vanessa Ng 25 May 2018

The sport of running has always been a competition based around the runner and his/her environment. Despite its challenging nature, competitive running has always had its limitations – runners can only compete against others who occupy the same geographical space. However, advancements in technology may soon make this dilemma a thing of the past. Through the use real-time tracking and GPS monitoring, runners are now enabled and empowered to be more competitive on a global scale.

Virtual racing is the hot new trend that’s taking the running community by storm. Runners simply register online and have the liberty to choose their own starting line anywhere in the world. This now only provides them with flexibility in terms of logistics but also allows to compete in their strongest format.


In a similar vein, Reebok will be having its first virtual race designed to challenge runners to push themselves. Motivating runners to go beyond their typical running routine, this race will be taking place across six different countries in South East Asia, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Competitors simply register for the race and using a GPS running tracker, track and complete their choice of race category in one continuous run.

Reebok’s Be More Human Race celebrates physical, mental, or social personal achievements. Competitors can run anywhere in the world and log their miles in a GPS running tracker app. There are three stages for runners of various skill levels to push past their transformational limits in a 90-day race. During this period of time, competitors can race against themselves and other runners, as well as set new personal records. Those who finish their routes will be awarded an exclusive medal and e-certificate; three winners per country at each stage will also stand a chance to win a pair of Reebok Fast Flexweave runners.


While the first window has already closed, runners can still participate in the final two rounds of the competition. The far-reaching aspects of the Be More Human Race provides an invaluable opportunity for runners to see how their performance levels stack up against their global counterparts, enriching the experience of competition.


Virtual races can now expand your scope of competition and connection across geographical boundaries; syncing up with the rest of the world and getting in touch with someone on the other side of the globe can be done at the push of a button! For those who are looking to push themselves further on a larger stage, let virtual races be your ticket to greater heights!