Crafting the perfect school-night routine

Crafting the perfect school-night routine

by Natalie L 08 Feb 2020

Tired of rushing your child every morning? It's no fun at all, having to force an almost-literal evacuation of your kids in order to avoid them running late for school. Here’s how you and your child can combat the morning hustle! By following just a few simple steps, you can create the perfect school-night routine and experience the joy of tucking in your child while knowing that everything's been prepared for the following morning. 


1. Prepare the night before

To cut down on preparation and wash-up time each morning, simply get things ready the night before. For example, you can help to ensure that your child puts out his/her uniform and packs their school bag the night before. Though small, these actions can significantly cut down preparation time every morning, minimise last-minute rushing and help your child feel more prepared for school. 


2. Create a timetable

Creating timetables can help to ensure a healthy balance between work and play for children. Be sure to schedule wisely and be flexible to changes which will better suit your child’s needs. Furthermore, the practice of scheduling might just become second nature to your child over time, allowing him/her to develop the good habit of advance planning in the long run. 


3. Use checklists

Checklists have been used by pilots for decades to ensure safety while flying and to guide them in emergencies. Since then, it has been adapted and implemented in many industries across the world. Checking off boxes is a simple act, yet it can have a significant effect on one's state of preparedness. Help your child get into the habit of using checklists – whether mental or physical – to avoid preventable mistakes and to help him/her feel more confident before embarking on new tasks. 


Together, these three tools can help you to craft a perfect school-night routine for your child. Apart from helping your child to be more prepared for school every morning, having a daily routine is also a good way of instilling self-discipline in your children from a young age. Who knows: they might end up doing it all by themselves once they get familiar enough!