Creating the warrior’s will

Creating the warrior’s will

by Rachel Foo 04 Oct 2018

There are times in your life where you may find that your willpower is the only thing that will see you through. That time for me was when I was on the ketogenic diet for a full six months (I had to endure two festive holidays while on that diet!). While I was initially motivated at the beginning of the ketogenic phase, I would readily admit that it was not motivation that saw me through. Willpower is the bedrock upon which all change is built.


Create discipline

Train yourself to follow through on a plan. Start small. Plan ahead, learn how to adapt and grow from there. It can be as simple as training yourself to get out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning. Maybe you can also will yourself not to look at your phone while amongst family or friends.


Getting assaulted by your impulsive side

“Come on, just one piece. It’s not going to kill you!” was one of the lines that I had to learn to say “no” to numerous times. It did not help that my colleagues would constantly stock the pantry with biscuits, sweets, muffins etc. There were many times when I was so stressed, I was tempted to cheat on my diet by just taking one piece. I came up with a system where I would either call my partner or best friend to talk to whenever I felt vulnerable. Over time, I learnt how to block these bad impulses by focusing on the results.


Willpower is a choice

You do what you know is best for you. Your willpower gives you the ability to be the best version of yourself. Most people would choose to go home after a long day at work but for some, their willpower takes them to the gym for training, gets them cooking a healthy meal instead of eating out, or even walking their dog instead of putting it off to another day.


Your willpower may ask for a break

Like a muscle, your willpower may get fatigued when you constantly flex it. At the same time, it strengthens over time. When you think of rewarding yourself with an unhealthy snack binge, it could be your willpower taking a break. The key is to pause, reflect on your goals and keep your willpower in check. 


Don’t be satisfied with normal

Continue to push yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Just because snoozing is normal to some does not mean that it should apply to you. Jump out of bed and get an early start to the day! Your time is best spent when doing something productive.


While you may wish to start training your willpower immediately, do not be discouraged if you fail at times. That’s the reality of being human. As long as you make it a habit to get back on track and continue growing, you will find this journey a most rewarding experience!