Daily self-love tips for the simple and straightforward

Daily self-love tips for the simple and straightforward

by Muhaimin X 19 Jan 2020

The importance of loving oneself is often overlooked in society. Modern standards embrace a constant nose-to-the-grindstone attitude without having much to say about kicking back and treating yourself. While the premise sounds simple, self-love isn’t an exact science. Here are three tips on how you can remind yourself about just how important and deserving you are:


1. Embrace self-indulgence

Indulging in certain activities can be excessive at times. However, it also reveals you your innermost desires. For example, eating store-bought milk chocolate isn’t exactly healthy such and as such, you might refrain in indulging it because it's unhealthy. Fortunately, partaking in such activities from time to time helps to ease your mind, loosen yourself and nourish your soul. By approaching this with a more open and accepting mindset, you are freeing yourself from external and internal judgement to truly enjoy things you love.


2. Always choose to be happy

Life can get overwhelming at times. Happiness comes in many forms and a personal favourite of ours is obtaining the state of bliss through exercising positive thoughts. It is ultimately a choice however, so it does entail some follow-up action. Being proactive with regards to being happy means things like choosing to see the flipside of bad situations, recognising when you’ve earned a reprieve from stress and not feeling guilty whenever you take a break. This can help to eliminate the "me against the world" mentality and make you feel much less lonely.


3. Don't be afraid of your “negative” emotions

It’s hard to truly think of certain emotions as actually being negative. Things like anger, fear and anxiety might appear to have negative connotations, but they can be a gateway to something far greater. Be confident in navigating your emotions and experiencing them. Being receptive doesn’t necessarily put you at risk of being overwhelmed. Once you've found comfort in your emotions, you’ll allow yourself to experience negativity in an open environment. By doing so, this allows you to acknowledge your emotions across the entire spectrum. In doing so, you achieve greater levels of self-acceptance.


Self-love isn't about the happy, saccharine moments you see constantly portrayed on social media or television, nor it's not about being 100% right all the time. Self-love is about how we can be ourselves and create a space for the freedom to feel and think in a way that’s natural to us.  Make the effort to create change and the difference will be astounding!