Dairy-free desserts you deserve

Dairy-free desserts you deserve

by Muhaimin X 16 Jan 2020

For those facing dairy restrictions when it comes to food, finding a suitable dessert to enjoy can be a nightmare. So many of our sweet treats have copious amounts of cream and butter worked into them! Luckily, there are desserts out there that take pride in the fact that zero involvement of cows is required for their creation.


1. Pecan butter bites

Don't let the small stature of these nut butter bites fool you; they’re big on flavour! These small delights are great to have on hand if you’re looking for something sweet but tiny. What makes this recipe unique is its usage of chyawanprash, a nutritional jam made from herbs, spices, ghee, and honey. Additionally, the recipe has a ton of digestive benefits, go for it! If not, you can leave it out because the remaining ingredients still make for a naturally sweetened treat.


2. Chocolate olive oil torte with hazelnuts

With a light and fluffy consistency (thanks to whipped egg whites) and a topping of crispy pear slices and hazelnuts, you won’t believe that this magical creation is both dairy and gluten-free. While olive oil may not be the first thing our minds jump to when we think dessert, it works gloriously well with the coconut sugar, almond meal, egg yolks, and vanilla that make up the filling of this decadent tart.


3. Peanut butter pie

This recipe is perfect if you have the tendency to eat a spoonful of peanut butter right out of the jar. Coconut cream, the quintessential ingredient in this recipe, brings all the flavour and creaminess that we love in dessert pies. With a cashew-date crust and crispy puffed rice and chocolate topping, you’ll feel like you’re eating pie, mousse, a rice crispy treat, and a peanut butter cup all at once that’s bound to leave you yearning for more.


4. Rice crispy bars

This everyday classic receives a modern revamp with a dairy-free adaptation. If you’re looking for an old-school favourite with a new-school healthy twist, these homemade rice crispy bars are popping. By using hazelnut butter, toasted hazelnuts, semi-sweet chocolate, and cocoa powder, this chocolaty, nutty treat will make you feel like you were a kid again, but without the schoolyard politics.


5. Cocoa tahini shake

Spice up your cocoa life by using tahini – also the mainstay ingredient for making hummus. This simple five-ingredient shake is made with tahini, cocoa powder, dates, vanilla, and coconut milk for a dairy-free drink you can easily conjure up in minutes. Dates are a great nutrient-dense substitute for sugar, while also adding a good dose of dietary fibre to your shake!


Veteran pastry chefs might swear by their heavy cream and French butter, but they’re not exactly must-haves when it comes to crafting mouth-wateringly delicious desserts! A bit of creativity in the kitchen will allow you to emulate the taste and texture of your favourite treats while keeping your menu decidedly dairy-free. Whether you’re abstaining for medical or ethical reasons, you’ll definitely fall in love after sinking your teeth into one (or more) of these recipes!