Dealing with gym vampires

Dealing with gym vampires

by Eunice Chua 04 Feb 2020

We see them in every gym, though they don’t hide in the dark corners or sport a thick Transylvanian accent. Gym vampires don’t feast on blood, but they're terrifying enough when we're forced to engage in soul-sucking interactions with them. Here’s how to identify these vampires and stay away from them before they suck all your motivation and goals away.


The self-victimising vampire

Such people are really common everywhere, not just the gym. They’re the ones who blame every bad thing that happens to them on bad luck, circumstances, friends, their body – basically, they think that the entire universe is plotting against them. Meeting self-victimising vampires in the gym can really drain your energy when you have to listen to them rant about their bad luck for the thousandth time. Their inability to handle what life throws at them is bound to wear down on your own willpower and motivation too. Avoid spending too much time with these vampires less their negative outlook on life starts rubbing off on you – surround yourself with affirmative and proactive people and the vampires are less likely to approach you, since they generally prefer one-on-one emotional sessions.


The immature vampire

Just as fictional vampires are immune to the effects of ageing, these real-life gym vampires act like they’re eternally in the wild, untameable stage of youth. They embody the YOLO (you only live once) spirit like no one else, treating gym sessions with an absolute lack of seriousness. These vampires often sign up for multiple classes on impulse without really being sure if it helps them achieve their goals and are likely to drag you out for a bacchanalian night of post-workout partying or dining. As fun as it may be to be around them, your fitness progress will probably take a hit. Once you notice the toxic behaviour patterns of these vampires, stop hanging around them or if you really can’t say no, suggest better places to go to or things to do that don’t leave you feeling as unhealthy.


The diet-obsessed vampires

Everyone hates grammar-nazis who point out every grammatical error you make online or in person. In gyms, a common sight is the diet-obsessed vampire who seem to think of him or herself as qualified nutritionists and judge everything you eat. There’s only so much “You know that’s bad for you, right?” one can handle before your patience gets sucked dry. In dealing with with them, always remember that they’re simply fighting for their own gratification so don’t take their words to heart. Keep a respectable distance and don’t involve yourself in their fad diets.


The media-educated vampires

There will always be that one individual who’s a huge fan of fitness magazines and/or online blogs. They are often armed with tips on how to dress well, what kind of fancy health foods to eat that's endorsed by the celebrity so-and-so, and other gimmicky information that come from the typical clickbait fitness articles floating around the web. These media vampires can really drain the self-confidence out of you when replace it with doubt when they tout their tips as being more “educated”. Being self-aware and self-assured is your best defence against these vampires and their frivolous interests.


At the end of the day, your best call is to just cut these gym vampires out of your social life. You can be gym mates, but you don’t have to maintain a personal friendship with them, especially if hanging around them is sapping the motivation from your routine and causing your progress to slow down. You go to the gym for personal growth, so don’t let your goals be attacked by these unholy creatures!